Ben Sasse comes out against criminal justice reform bill

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    According to tweets from Tom Cotton, Sasse has several amendments to the bill. I’m assuming if they pass then he’ll support the bill. But I think it’s hillarious how many people are just now figuring out that Sasse is a conservative not a moderate. For some reason people think if you don’t like Donald Trump and aren’t a fixture on Fox News then that must mean you’re a moderate or a liberal. Bizarre. I also don’t think this has anything to do with 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sasse chooses not to run for re-election.

    Bill here:
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    Link to bill? We released plenty here in.CA along with changing the laws to put them in jail. Crime is up significantly
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    I didn't think they even had a bill yet. Which would make it hard to ague against key points if nothing even exists yet.
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