Benefits of buying iPhone 6s+ full price vs. NEXT?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pjny, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Feb 18, 2010

    I have ATT unlimited plan with iPhone 5s. I see the 64gb iPhone is $749 full price vs. $25+ a month on ATT Next plan(I think this is what apple site is stating). ATT site states $28.33 per month for iPhone 6 on Next plan.

    Will I lose unlimited if I switch to ATT Next plan?

    My wife has iPhone 4s and I am planning on giving her my 5s.

    What are the benefits of paying outright vs. Next ATT? Is the only benefit that you keep the phone and can sell it at any time after? Will my monthly bill be lower? And is the phone unlocked when you pay full price?

    And is the benefit of Next plan that you are getting a loan(some said 10% APR) on the price of the phone but don't get to keep it if you only pay for one year?

    I am planning on pre-ordering and just want to clear things up since ATT not offering contracts anymore.

  2. speedbumpnv macrumors 6502

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    Next is not a financing plan. You are paying off the phone over time without interest. The end result after your payment term is the same. Apple's upgrade program is similar.

    The phone will be yours after you complete the full payment term or payoff the phone early. Be aware that the number used in a given Next program is not the number of payments. The Next 18 plan is actually 24 payments. If you choose to upgrade prior to the end of your full term, you trade in your phone for the newer model and start the process over.

    The yearly upgrade part of Next and other similar programs, including Apple's, is like leasing the phone rather than buying. You get a new phone, use it, pay for it, then turn it back in for another new phone. The place you return it to then refurbishes it and resells it.
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    Jan 25, 2012
    There's no benefit at all. Either you shell out the full price up front or monthly with your bill over the 12/18/24 months you choose.

    There is no interest on the installment plans so it's the exact same price at the end of the day. I just paid off the rest of my payments on my iphone 6 64gb and paid the same $749.99 as if I paid for the phone up front in full a year ago (you pay the tax up front on Next that's the only up front money due I believe)

    The only difference is if you have an old plan you may lose it going to Next vs. paying full price up front.

    I only do Next (can afford to buy it up front) because I tax deduct my monthly cell bill 50% for my business so the phone installment payment is 1/2 tax deductible too.
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    the only benefit I can think of is you get an interest free "loan" you make the payments over the course of a year... then just before release you pay off the balance... you own the phone, buy the new one... and sell that one...

    if you don't want to get the new phone then just continue to make your interest free payments until the end of whichever term you chose.

    I prefer to keep my money and make the smaller interest free payments for a year then make the final payment...
  5. ziggy3055 macrumors member


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    I say go the Next route. That way it's zero interest and I can either save up to pay it off early or use my bonus or tax return for it so I don't have to dig into savings.

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