Benefits of the US party system and long presidential primary season

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    Benefits you say? I, too, was tired of hearing about the race for all of 2015, even before the first caucuses began. And what did the GOP end up with? Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. What possible benefits could there be of selecting candidates this way. I was pondering this while listening to NPR today, with the usual discussions about the silliness of the way of doing it this way.

    But, it did get me thinking about the benefits. Sure, the media gave Trump a free ride for months. OTOH, non-Trump-supporters are seriously tired of Trump now, and can't imagine having him run the Federal Government for 4 years-- he thinks it would be like running a string of hotels and resorts. It gave people a chance to see how Marco Rubio would hold up -- he didn't, and whether Jeb really wanted the job or not -- he didn't, and whether Ben Carson knew anything about government, as opposed to surgery-- he didn't. And mainly it weeded out candidates without stamina. Now everybody hates Trump and Cruz, but the three GOP candidates remaining from the crowded field have one thing in common -- stamina. And, that is a key factor in being President. I don't give Trump credit for much, but, he has stamina. So does Ted Cruz. (Remember Rick Perry? Definitely didn't have what it takes.) Kasich is still there.

    Looking at the Democrats, the fact is that many doubted the stamina of both Clinton and Sanders, and they have both done surprisingly well, although it hasn't been as rough the Republicans trying to stand out from the crowd.

    In the end, I would probably prefer a series of preference voting rounds, and, a much shorter season -- 6 months, say, instead of two years. Not to mention public financing for the process, instead of corporate financing. But, I do like the fact that the current system weeds out people who can't go the distance.
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    I think Jeb wanted the job, but he didn't have the charisma to build a movement behind it, and his last name is a bit of a headwind.

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