BenQ Mac Mini monitor not great, made a realisation.


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Aug 12, 2006
London, UK

I got a BenQ FP93V monitor the other day for my mac mini. I sold my iMac 20" and wanted to step down to something slightly more modest at home as I don't work from here anymore.

Well, I got the monitor - and it just isnt right. Even though it has a mac standard colour option, the colour, crispness and brightness just aren't good enough for me. I feel myself getting a slight headache after looking at it for a while and everything just isnt as crisp as I'd like it.

I compare it next to my iMac which is getting picked up on wednesday, and colours are completely off, I cant get white to display properly without loosing proper colour on darker elements. And reading light grey text on which is fine on the iMac - i just can't read it without straining my eyes

And before you say it - Ive got it at its native resolution and have also messed with the options endlessly and also calibrated it.

While it is designed to match the apple white, and similar imac monitor "borders" is still just doesnt look right, and its akward to actually house the mini underneath like its supposed to as getting back there for USB connections is extremely tedious. So I have it next to it and the monitor stand is ugly without the mini on it.

My realisation is this, I think I can only buy apple hardware from now on. And am thinking of just scrapping the "step down to a modest setup" and just getting a 20 Cinema display.

This is just a rant to be honest, also I was semi wondering wether there are any other 19-20" monitors out there that will perform as well as an iMac g5 monitor or an apple cinema display?

I think I just need to **** and get a CMD


Just a shame, as although its nice to have a different machine, it works out costing about the same as keeping my iMac, maybe slightly more with a new keyboard + mouse.

Woe is me!


Edit- In my office Ive got a 19" Samsung which is better quality than this BenQ, but next to my 23" CMD the colours are all wrong. So im not a totally ignorant mac fan boy - although slightly - for sure :p


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Sep 15, 2006
I use a Dell 2005fpw with my mini and it works great. As far as I know, the 20" widescreen Dell's use the same panels as the 20" Cinema Displays.


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Dec 27, 2002
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If you're worried about colour accuracy (and it seems like you are), don't get the Dells. Others out there make some fantastic LCDs though. I don't remember which ones are colour accurate off the top of my head, but check ViewSonic.


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Jan 23, 2002
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Dell makes a good screen - I think the color accuracy is pretty decent if they're calibrated correctly. Head down to a Dell kiosk if you have one near you and check them out.