Bernie Sanders PTSD numbers: the value of fact-checking

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    Many politicians don't see the value of fact-checking. Some even like to mock the concept, repeating their own made-up numbers about immigrants, deficits, and whatever. e.g.

    Bernie Sanders has been questioned, and even officially corrected, about his PTSD numbers, and still he has stuck to his number: "500,000". In this case, though, it looks like the numbers have caught up with him. A couple of excerpts:

    I'm not sure what the lesson here is. I wish Bernie had stuck to the known facts a year ago. But then, I'm obviously not fit to campaign for any office, since, as we all know, facts, per se, are boring, and, campaigns are all about exciting potential voters.
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    Fraud, waste and abuse are rampant at every level of the VA, so I question any numbers emerging from that dysfunctional agency. They've lied about everything else, why not lie about PTSD?

    I'd like to know Bernie's plan on fixing the VA.

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