Berniecrat challenging Democrat mob boss Pelosi

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Chew Toy McCoy, May 2, 2017.

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    He should have never endorsed Hillary. :(
    I think he'll be too old to run again.
    Thanks fir the link. Might vote fir him
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    While I'm worried that him and people like him will become the left's version of the Freedom Caucus it is good to see Pelosi get a real challenger, I wouldn't be sad to see her get defeated and give the left a chance to get new leadership in.
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    I've always been a fan of Pelosi.

    But she is 77, so maybe it's time to give the younger generation their opportunity.
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    I'd support age limits. These people are one slip away from breaking both hips.
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    Chew Toy McCoy

    May 13, 2016

    Anybody who has been in office for my informative years, my insecure years, my rebellious and unhealthy years, my experimental and discovery years, my conformist years, and my bitter years has been in office for too many years.
  7. Chew Toy McCoy, May 19, 2017
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    Chew Toy McCoy

    May 13, 2016
    I heard a somewhat lengthy interview with this guy and unfortunately he lacks energizing charisma and likes to use analogies that don’t make a lot of sense. He describes the healthcare industry as 3 tennis balls lined up. On one end is you, on the other is the healthcare provider, and in the middle is the insurance industry. That’s the entire analogy. What?

    Here’s my own analogy. You just won Taco Bell’s volcano burrito eating contest. The healthcare provider is the toilet in an unlit bathroom and the insurance industry is an entire roll of saran wrap covering the hole in the toilet seat.
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    Heh wonderful... I could take that and tack on some more eras...

    Looking at the age of Pelosi and of Clinton, it does make you wonder why the Democrats rely on star quality at the expense of developing the bench. Maybe one of their investors has inside info on anti-aging pill beta tests or something. But the level of neglect of bench for years now by the DNC is appalling.

    Get this, I was having coffee one day with the sadly neglected local Democratic party chair in a neighboring district and he said something about the DNC casting shade too soon in the primaries and I said I thought they had seriously stomped on Webb, O'Malley, Lessig, Chafee... and he said "Lessig?"

    I'm not saying I thought a Harvard academic had a great shot at walking into the Oval Office in 2016, but
    i mean when a party mechanic doesn't even recall who was in the field at the very outset of a campaign, you know the machine needs a tuneup.

    There's been no farm club. It's been about name recognition. All fine but the names are as old as the hills and they all have that much more baggage. And we did this to ourselves.

    I thought we were getting the picture when a frisky youngster jumped the fence in 2008 and actually managed to land in the White House. But apparently the Dems in the towers of the DNC took that as "well at least he won thanks to how poorly the Republican options panned out, now let's get back on track here and work to get Clinton on the ballot and win big for 2016."

    Duh. Eight years of biding their time to "do 2008 over and get it right". And they did work very hard out in the field to prepare for a Clinton run. I'd have liked a little more oomph in the direction of Obama's agenda while he still had a majority, and ditto for the 2012 races, but hey, I'm just an ordinary voter kinda Democrat.

    Even after the 2016 debacle and the rise of the progressives, the old machine is still trying to regain its now extremely rickety traction. That umbrella group thing Clinton's starting up just makes me grit my teeth. It's like "ok let's acknowledge it's all about money, I know all you little progressive groups want to get out there and build from the ground up, but I can really help you because I have the connections to the money you definitely need so hey hey hey let's get this show on the road to a spectacular 2020!"

    I got a news flash for her. Bernie Sanders enthusiasts raised 230 million bucks at roughly $27 a pop. I am not sure the implications of that have really hit home there for the DNC yet. The money is out there but it's not about the money. The Sanders activists weren't campaigning for Bernie Sanders the guy who's nearly Pelosi's age. They were campaigning for Bernie Sanders the hoops player with enough oxygen in his brain to converse with 20-year-olds. It's all about the ideas and the energy that had been missing from the DNC's top-down management of its party's path forward. For Clinton & Co now to try to co-opt the progressives seems just scandalous to me.

    As for Pelosi, I have long admired her ability to count votes and herd cats. But, she should be bringing along her deputies now in the House. As far as her congressional district race, I'd say prospective opponents might have their best shot at the seat in some primary race after she says she's retiring.
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    Oh, thank you for the morning coffee spit-take. :D

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