Best application to organize photos (or workarounds for iphoto/picasa

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    Jun 14, 2011
    I am dissatisfied with the limitations of picasa an iphoto. I am hoping that if I can tell this community of experts what I want to do one of you will be able to point me to the best application (or if iphoto or picasa seems to be the best for my needs how to workaround its limitations). FYI I use a macbook pro 10.5 and firefox

    I want to...
    -retain control of organizing files in folder (within Finder). Some of my images I just have as backup documentation and don't want to see regularly when I'm browsing my personal pics. Other images are for work and I mostly use by importing into other applications or sharing via web. Right now I'm using folders and iphoto and getting confused where the image I want is stored.

    --Make changes to the file itself. Such as batch file renames (the only thing I like about my windows computer at work is f2 to easily batch rename--why do I have to download something separate or run a script to do this on a mac??) change the orientation of the image, etc. Picasa makes the changes when I'm browsing within the application but when I email the photo the orientation and file name show up as original, not how I changed them.

    --Allow me to work with photos from my computer and saved from websites (photo bookmarking tools are lacking because I can't combine them with my own photos.) Would be awesome if it somehow recorded the URL where the web photo was found!

    --Have some photos on external hardrive. Some photos I use more than others and desperately need to clear space on my internal HD.When I'm home, with laptop connected to the ext HD I want access to all my photos, when I'm out and about I want access to the photos I've decided to keep on the internal hardrive. Iphoto seems to have a hard time switch back and forth and picasa scans through my 1000s of images whenever the external drive is connected. There's got to be a better way!

    --Tagging, folders, albums, whatever. But I want it to work with and enhance the file folder structure I have the pictures organized in. Right now I have duplicates of a ton of photos because I want them categorized in multiple folders (within Finder). I want tags/album membership/etc. to stay with the image file while at the same time retaining my ability to reorganize my file structure (picasa hates when I do this!)

    I think I really want a photo viewer that will give me enhanced ability to browse my photos AND the ability to change the file itself (name, picture orientation, editing).

    I'm also keen on creating photo-books that can be viewed digitally or sent to print but I'm sure there are a number of options to do this without adding it to my list of requirements for a photo viewer/organizer.

    Whoever can respond to this LONG question deserves a medal!
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    Just use Finder, Preview, and a renaming utility like NameChanger. You will have to do some clean up (at least it sounds like it), but none of the things you mentioned really necessitate pigeonholing yourself into one of the weak photo organization offerings.
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    Sounds like Adobe's bridge will do that.

    I think Adobe's Lightroom may also fit the bill.
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