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May 4, 2020
Hello there, we have so many best Cydia resources. You can use Cydia only if you jailbreak your iDevice. You will have access to a large amount of applications that you cannot get from AppStore such as MXTube, SBSettings, and Categories. Cydia becomes like this kind of special application because of these limitless capabilities.

How add Cydia Sources:
  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Then go to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add > * Source URL*

There are so many Cydia sources available over the internet so it will be hard to know the best Cydia sources or not so good ones. So, the Cydia source shows you the path to download the apps.

1. Mod My iPhone
Repo path:

With Mod My iPhone, you will have a best Cydia sources list very easily using its aesthetic offers to your iDevice. And also you will have Cydia source offers a large amount of customizations and themes. Using these you will have the possibility to make your iDevice's appearance exactly the way that you want it. So add this directory and enjoy its customizations.

2. Big Boss
Repo path:

Big Boss is also on the best Cydia sources list because it is also offered for iDevice users, many customizations, themes, and apps for their device. Immediately add this URL to your source list then you will be able to have great themes, customizations, and apps that this Cydia source has to offer.

3. Saurik
Repo path:

There are no aesthetically pleasing apps on Saurik. Nut Saurik has its internal upgrades through the various hacks and Cycorder. Because of this it is adding to the best Cydia sources list. Saurik allows technicians to get down and dirty with the applications on their iDevice, and develop and install various hacks. And also its Cycorder application upgrades the capabilities of your device's camera that comes ready with the device.

4. 123 Locker

If you are a video gamer who has installed an emulator or two on your iDevice, you must definitely have 123 Locker in your device because 123 Locker has every single game that was created for the NES and GameBoy Advanced. And also you can play them on your device because they have been put in a Rom format.

5. iSpazio

6. Zod TTD

So there are so many best sources you can have from Cydia and here are only a few of them. If you are interested take a quick search.
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