Best digital camera?


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Jul 1, 2002
What would you recommend as the best 2 or 3 megapixel digital camera for iPhoto and why? Where would you buy it?

I'm shopping. Thanks, in advance for your recommendations.


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Dec 11, 2001
i love my canon s200 to pieces... ~$330 online and it gives incredible shots for a 2 megapixel camera

it's supported by iphoto, so no need to worry about using the cd that comes with it (i don't even think i took the cd out of it's protective case)

the best thing about the canon s200 is its size... it is one of the canon elph cameras and is very portable. i've taken so many shots with this camera that i would otherwise have been unable to take because i wouldn't carry a bulky digicam around

the canon s200 fits perfectly in one pocket while my ipod is in another... if apple introduces another device i don't think it will fit...

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
My father has used his Nikon Coolpix 990 for a while now and it gets excellent shots. You get all these extras, such as loading the pics onto TV (if you have a huge TV and you take detailed photos, you'll like what you see :)), saving up to 30 photos, I think, and a mini-LCD for scopin' what yr viewin'.

Plus, it's iPhoto compatable. :p


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Jul 16, 2002
Salt Lake City, UT
I have one of those cannon coolpix's, the new one that has the rotating lens (inward, not around). It is a nice consumer camera and I have had no issues with iPhoto with it.

That and it just looks cool next to my mac.;)


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Apr 20, 2002
Milwaukee, WI
I'm pretty happy with my Olympus D-510, but I'm not sure if they still make it - there's a D-520 now with very similar specs, so I suspect that's its successor. Price is the same at about $300 list.

Main difference seems to be it only requires 2 AA batteries instead of the 4 that the D-510 needs. This might be good or bad - the D-510 *eats* batteries. If the D-520 has a similar appetite, it'll have a pretty short battery life. However, if it's just that the D-520 consumes less power, battery life will be more acceptable. I have a couple of sets of, uh, whatever those really expensive rechargable ones meant for digital cameras are. It's a good idea to figure in the cost of a couple of sets of batteries and a charger in your total price - if you plan to run the thing on Duracell Ultras or equivalent, expect to be buying a lot of batteries.

2.1 megapixel, can store images as JPEG with various levels of quality, also uncompressed as TIFF (consuming huge amounts of memory in the process). Takes Smart Media, so you're limited to a maximum of 128MB of onboard storage. Comes with a ratty little 8MB card as standard, but it's only $43 for a 128MB one. In JPEG mode at 1600x1200 with high quality (i.e. low compression) the 128MB card'll hold about 277 pics. 3X optical zoom, 2.5X digital zoom, lots of flash settings I've never played with, macro mode for close-ups. 1.5" LCD screen on the back for previewing, etc. Oh, also has a Quicktime mode which is gimmicky and a bit strange, but fun - will take 9 second long movie clips at a reasonable frame rate, 320x240. You want more than 9 seconds though, you got to press the button again, which is strange. 128MB Smart Media'll hold about 3 or 4 minutes of Quicktime, if I remember the numbers correctly.

Basically, it takes nice pictures and I'm very happy with it. Tough too - when I had my little accident earlier this summer and fell down the side of a canyon, the camera went with me. The case got a few scratches, and the next photo my wife tried to take (of my foot pointing in the wrong direction) didn't come out, but it's been fine since.

It's recognized natively by iPhoto, but I rarely dump the contents straight from the camera to USB as that and overuse of the LCD screen are the #1 battery-eating features (of almost all digital cameras, not just this one). S'worth spending $15 or so to get a reader for whatever media your camera takes - just stick the card in the slot and let the USB bus supply the power rather than the camera's poor, over-stressed batteries.


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May 29, 2002
32° 44' N 117° 10' W
I would recommend the FujiFilm 2800Z:D
I think for Megapixel and Zoom Ratio and the price, it is the best!!
I Purchased it about five months ago and it is still working(after dropping it numerous times) like a charm!!

It's main features are 2.11 Megapixels and 6x Optical zoom.

Go to Compusa or Best Buy, and compare\play with them.;)
Here are some links.


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Apr 22, 2002
Rochester, NY
My Dad just recently purchased a Olympus C-720 Zoom and it is fantastic.

The image quality is great and there is absolutely no problem in connecting with iPhoto with the included cable.

This is our second Olympus camera and both were great.

I hope this helps.


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Apr 10, 2002
I would go with olympus camera also. I have a olympus 3020 and it's excellent. 3.3 megapixels and you get great resolution pictures for print. Comes with 16mb card.

I had a kodak 3 megapixels but had many problems with it. Including battery dying very fast.

With the olympus camera that uses 4 AA batteries you get about 100 pictures. I bough a 128mb card and I get 165 pictures in middle quality that alows me to print 4x6 and 8x10 with great resolution.


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Jun 25, 2002
Gone but not forgotten.

I have 3 sets of NiMH batteries I use with my Olympus C2500L and it works well. I suspect that it's more energy-intensive that your D510 is.

Make certain you get a quick charger like Olympus' and you'll be set.


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Jul 28, 2002
Get the Cannon Powershot G2, Cannon Powershot A20 or A10. Those are the best digital cameras i can think of off the top of my head for the best price. Check out the reviews at under Product Reviews. I have the Canon Powershot A20 and it works perfectly.

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