Best Games on Mac?

Discussion in 'Games' started by NewSc2, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Okay I just "retired" my PC (again), and I want to game on the Mac. Problem is I feel like I've played every good game out currently.

    -- No I don't want to play WoW:BC (already wasted my life running MC as a priest)
    -- Is Sims 2 that different from Sims 1? (played that too much)
    -- Civ 4 worth a try over Civ 2? (guessing not, seeing Civ 3 was pretty similar)
    -- No Blizzard games (played all on PC)
    -- No Halo (have both for xbox)

    So far it's looking like I should try out SimCity 4, but I'm guessing that feels the same was SimCity 2000 does.

    Anyway, are there any cool games out still (new or old) that work on Intel Macs? I'd be up for some old LucasArts games but I have a feeling they're not UB.
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    Civilization IV is actually radically different. You no longer have discrete forms of governments and instead assemble your own unique mix through various civics.

    And that's just one difference :rolleyes:

    I think Civ IV is great, and after so many hours playing it I have barely scratched the surface of what this game is all about.

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