Best Insurance Option on AT&T?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MacFly69, Sep 17, 2012.

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    waiting on my iP5 and wanted to know what my best/cheapest option is for insuring my new phone.

    AT&T Insurance or Apple Care+?

    Pro's & con's? Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciate.

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    Jun 22, 2010
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    Yes, AT&T does offer iPhone insurance. It's $7/month with a $200 deductible. I choose their coverage for the theft/loss protection that AppleCare+ doesn't provide. It also protects against out-of-warranty damage, most notably water damage.

    AppleCare+ costs $99 with a $79 deductable, and no theft/loss protection. Considering I always upgrade my iPhone annually and the iPhone comes with one year of warranty coverage, AppleCare+ is not worthwhile to me.

    I used the AT&T coverage when my iPhone 4S was stolen while vacationing in Mexico last year. A replacement iPhone was overnighted to me and the $200 deductable was put on my next month's bill. Overall I was pleased with their service.
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    I've been using Worth Ave Group for a few years now and they have been great across the board - iPhone, iPad, MacBook.. Cracked my iP5 screen and went to apple store for a $249 replacement. Submitted the receipt and claim to worth ave group and I had a reimbursement check in 5 days. They have a $50 deductible but in the two claims I have has, it seems to only apply to a total loss. I submitted a claim for the iPhone for $249 but the check I received was actually the $249 I paid plus the tax. I wasn't expecting the insurance company to cover the tax. Though I suppose the idea is to indemnify the policy holder.

    I also hear that square trade is good, but I haven't used them.

    The asurion insurance seems very overpriced to me with a ridiculous deductible.
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    I upgrade every year as well. However, I do go with the AppleCare+ as it covers accidental damage that the factory warranty does not and Apple will refund the $50 if you sell it or if you sell it on eBay it adds at least $50 of value.


    I carry both ATT Insurance and AppleCare+. I carry the ATT strictly for lost/stolen coverage. You can get it from your credit card company or home owners insurance as well but you are looking at weeks for a new phone. Now, the ATT insurance does not guarantee you will receive the same phone. If you have a 64 gb 5s and it is lost or stolen they can and have replaced them with lesser phones, so it is possible to get a 16gb 5c instead for your $200 deductible. However, there is not much option for lost/stolen coverage.

    For everything else go to Apple. Most of the time with AppleCare+ it will be free unless it is obviously the users fault and they find water damage. The level of service is vastly superior to what you will get from ATT. ATT will deny most of your claims for damage unless it is entirely broken. What ATT will hold up for paperwork in weeks you can have fixed in 10 minutes at the Genius Bar.
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    I just use my credit card insurance. It's free up to a year when apple's warranty expires.

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