Best monitor calibrator for BW photography?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Dinkum Thinkum, May 3, 2007.

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    I will be doing (almost exclusively) film-based black and white infrared photography. I intend to scan in the negatives, manipulate/clean them up in Photoshop, and then have them printed by a reputable printing service. I have a ten year old 16" or 17" inch Sony Trinitron that appears to be in good working condition. I've been using it every day this past month for at least 2 hours a day without incident. The Sony monitor had hardly been used for at least five years. In some years it wasn't powered on even once. I'm hoping it is in good enough condition to use with Photoshop once it's been calibrated. Can anyone with black and white experience point me in the right direction? I know that the Spyder and Eye-One are highly recommended for color work, but black and white work is ignored or barely mentioned in all the discussions I've read so far. B&W is a different beast where grayscale tones/textures are everything. I'm using a Mac Pro 2.66 Ghz and would prefer software that plays nice with it.

    If I'm not mistaken, color photography is more about the white point calibration and black and white photography is more about the black point. Am I right? I've read that current LCD's, at least the ones under $1000, don't produce true blacks.

    So I'd like to believe that my Sony has enough life left in it to hold me over until LCD's have improved. Or can that black point limitation be mentally adjusted for thru experience? If the Sony can be calibrated, I would buy a cheap 19 or 20 inch widescreen for everything else I do (web, word processing, etc) plus use it with Photoshop for cleaning/touching up the image and for initial tweaking of the image and then use the trinitron for final adjustments. I have not tried this workflow yet, so I'm guessing at how well it will work for me. I should have CS3 and the scanner within the next few weeks.

    If I decide I need another monitor, are there are any tests online that I can burn to a cd and use in stores to test monitors? I'm thinking of tests that can identify banding problems, backlighting inconsistencies, and dead pixels.

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    It's a Sony VAIO 17-inch Trinitron monitor [CPD-220VS]
    Thanks for the links, I'll check them out. :)

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