Best path to iphone 6 from non-contract 4s (Verizon)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sp144, Oct 4, 2014.

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    Oct 4, 2014
    Hi y'all. First time poster - thank you in advance.

    I have an iphone 4s at Verizon (contract completed - eligible for upgrade). I'd like to have an iphone 6 on T-mobile. How do I get there? With the current promotions, I'm considering 2 paths:

    1. Take iphone 4s straight to T-mobile for $200 trade-in, buying the phone at $449 (standard 16 gb)

    2. Get the Verizon iphone 6 for $199 - $200 trade-in gift card = $0. Same day, walk into T-mobile store, ask for ETF cancellation reimbursement ($350-$350 = $0), receive $300 for the iphone 6 (since they only pay up to $650 total per line and I already used $350 for the ETF) and buy the T-mobile iphone 6 for $349 (standard 16 gb $649 - $300).

    Am i missing something? Is there any reason not do #2? Is there another aspect I'm not considering? Are people happy with iphone 6 on T-mobile despite lack of LTE band 12? Thanks for helping me think through this.
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    option #2 needs adjusting. you can't cancel within the first two weeks or they'll ask for the phone back. so you need to pay service for those two weeks, and you'll also need to pay the activation fee.

    further, if you're going to trade a phone into t-mobile, i'd recommend buying any old verizon phone and trade in that. sell the phone you bought on verizon and use that to pay for the phone on t-mobile.

    so it'll look something like $199 phone (you need to add tax here) - $200* trade in + $35 activation fee + $35 service (estimate) + $350 etf + $50 (buying crap phone) - $600 selling phone (estimate) + $700 new phone on t-mobile - $350 t-mobile etf reimbursement.

    in the end, it looks like you can get a 6 for a little over $200 and a lot of time spent. another thing to consider is that verizon's trade in and t-mobile's etf reimbursement come in the form of prepaid visa gift cards, not cash.
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    Thank you, siurpeeman!

    I see - I didn't consider the 2 week period. Thanks for pointing that out - I may run into trouble if T-mobile withdraws the ETF cancellation offer during that time period and I'll be stuck with the verizon iphone.

    I think I'll just play it straight and pay $449 for the phone straight up.
    Thank you!

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