best PDA to go with my imac??


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May 26, 2006

basically, im looking to get a pda for school (though im not in uni yet, i am involved in so many clubs, after school activities, and have so many appointments, that i could really use a pda). i would probably assume that a palm would have better mac compatibility, but i also have windows installed on my pac if pocket pc turned out to be the better choice. right now, i really like the palm TX (good price, sexy design, wifi), but the E2 also looks tempting. basically, i would use it primarily for email, to do list, calender, and other basic utilities. i probably will not use it for games and multimedia. the main reason i like the TX versus the E2 i suppose would be the screen and the wifi. what pda would you recommend??

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Sep 4, 2006
Ilove my palm treo650. It gives me pda and cell phone in one. It works great with isync, ical, and most email (it works with my .mac account just fine) and if you do some digging around you can find a way to enable the gprs on it for use with bluetooth and it works great as a modem and it has decent speed as well. I use the cingular version by the way and contrary to reports I have never been happier. There are more powerful palm handhelds than the treo 650 but it is more than capable for me and it give me a phone to boot.