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    Hello, I am using the Belkin N300 at home (about 1400 feet). There are four rooms with lots of walls. The reception is quiet bad. In one room, I even have problem in accessing wifi. I am using PC, Mac, iPad, Android Phone, etc. Which wifi router do you recommend? Thanks.
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    Here is a link to router review at Small Net Builder sorted by best wireless performance. Good site with well written reviews.
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    A month ago I bought the Apple Airport Extreme to go with my new iPad Air. I could not believe how easy it was to set up. My house is 4700 square feet, and I get the maximum WiFi signal everywhere in the house. I just bought a MacPro Retina and a Mac Mini. Also have an iPhone, a Galaxie Note 3 and a Dell laptop, and all run extremely well on the Apple router. Also have 3 Hackintosh computers connected via Ethernet.

    I had considered other routers, but after reading the horror stories of others trying to get connected, I wisely chose the Airport Extreme.
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    I bought a refurbished Apple Express form the Apple Store last August and it is a great piece of equipment that is a breeze to set-up. Also, because I bought my Mac Mini with Applecare a few days BEFORE, my Apple Express is guaranteed up till August, 2016!.
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    Sometimes what works extremely well for one person/household does very little for another. This can be quite frustrating. As one person pointed out - you may want to go to smallnetbuilder site which has some excellent reviews and tests on some WiFi routers.

    Interestingly enough, on the rankers, Apple Airport Extreme came in around #6 out of 10 yet was the 2nd highest priced router.

    You may want to consider a couple of items to help with your situation -

    1) Location of the WiFi router with respect to all the rooms that require wireless and consider placement (yes possibly having to run a bit of Ethernet Cable to it)
    2) Investigate Bridge mode for two WiFi Routers.

    There is also PowerLine type units that in essence connects one unit to a wall then another in another room. Signal travels over the electrical wiring.
    Router---cable --->powerline1 -----(house wiring)---powerline2--cable--
    You don't have to be all Powerline and can use it with a WiFi set up as well.

    Last - You should give a bit more information about your set up such as which mode are you using for WiFi (N, G, ac, mixed mode etc.).
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    Bought and tried the Apple Airport Extreme for two hours. So far so good. I can use wifi everywhere at home. The speed is about at least 5 times faster. Thanks for the inputs.
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    Have used it for a day with various devices (PC, iPad, Android phone, Mac). Very fast and no problem at all. Thank you for the suggestions.
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    Just to add - for anyone looking at this thread in the future since the initial problem is resolved - that it is not just the number of walls, but the angle through the wall that the signal has to travel. And what is inside those walls. For instance, a signal may be able to travel through 4 walls no problem if it is travelling near to 90º (right angle) - but have troubles with a single wall if the single needs to travel nearly parallel to the wall - and if the wall is full of pipes, wires, and/or used metal studs.

    Or if there is a large metallic object between the transmitter and the receiver - like a refrigerator. Most people know that, but if you are reading this because you are troubleshooting, have you checked for it yet.

    Like I said... this is just an addendum for a resolved question - to tucked away in the archives for someone to find when searching to solve their own problem.


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