Best solution for playing Blu-Ray movies on my Mac? (via external drive + Windows)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mattcube64, Nov 15, 2008.

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    May 21, 2006
    Hey guys!

    I've come to the realization the 24" screen on my Mac is infinitely better for watching movies than my 20" SDTV is in my dorm. However, I'd like to get an external Blu-Ray drive to play movies in Vista...

    Can anyone direct me to a good, complete solution?

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    Jun 7, 2002
    Provided you don't need the ability to burn Blu-ray discs, I think this drive is a really good option. Plus, it's not too expensive at $230. Should work beautifully under Vista, too. Plus, it has FW800 for good speed. If you do need to burn Blu-ray discs, though, then this drive might be a better bet. For what you get (a 6x Blu-ray burner, plus the ability to burn to nearly all other optical formats), it's a steal at $450.
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    1. I have Sony's Blu-ray SATA ROM drive (US$130 retail) in a Vantec USB2 enclosure (US$40).

    2. You will have to boot using Boot Camp. You cannot run Blu-ray drives from Parallels or Fusion as they do not support them.

    The big question is, will your iMac be HDCP compliant? I don't know the answer to that, but my MBP certainly is since I can play BR movies on it.

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