Best Specs for MBP 2018 15" i7 2.6 GHz: 32 GB RAM or Vega 20?


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Nov 20, 2018
São Paulo, Brazil
Despite reports of issues (and headaches) related to the T2 chip, I need to buy a laptop this year. I'll use softwares for editing images (like Photoshop, Lightroom etc.) and for video editing (like FinalCut Pro and Premiere sometimes). So, what would be the best spec for the i7 2.6GHz 512GB SSD model? 32GB RAM (instead of 16GB) or Vega 20 (instead of Radeon 560X)? I know that including both options would be great, but it would be very expensive, so I need to choose between one of them.

Honestly, I believe 32 GB RAM would be best for the workflow and the Radeon 560X will work fine. What do you think?


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Mar 23, 2017
Get the dGPU for workloads.

16GB is plenty and with MacOS optimizations some users like myself who got VMs can do just fine with 2 Windows & Linux VMs.
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