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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by blizeH, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Currently I use Wunderlist for lists, AwesomeNote for tasks with reminders and recurring tasks, and Do It (tomorrow) for a quick task list.

    I'm thinking of ditching all of these, and exclusively using the new Reminders app - after a brief play it seems to be incredibly good, but are there any limitations (ie not being able to send lists to my girlfriends Android could be annoying) before I spend possibly hours copying and pasting between the apps? I'd hate to spend all of that time only to find out I then need to do it again for a different, better app.

    So, any recommendations for a really good lists/to-do app please? Should I stick with the three I'm using now? Or will reminders do the job of all of them? thank you :)
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    Sep 3, 2009
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    Jun 8, 2011
    we have a similar situation.

    i am a google fiend. i use gmail, gcal, gdocs, and tasks.

    i am OCD about todo lists and i have them all in google tasks so that i can easily edit/create them on the pc or on my phone (i created a shortcut to the tasks page).

    i also use tasks in outlook for work.

    both tasks for gcal and outlook are cool and they are integrated into the calendar so you can set alerts though i never ever use it as such.

    sorry i blab.

    i am hesitant about using reminders though. if there was some integration to gmail, perhaps i'd use it, but the inability to export my todo list sorta sucks. i could do it in google tasks. it's not even on

    i'm not quite sure how to use remindres. i really want to!
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    I think you may be worrying without cause. You can export a list of reminders that is synced through iCloud from iCal. You could export the GMail tasks, import them into iCal, and then rock on.

    Note: as you can see in the screen shot, you can also share this list and other calendars from here.

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    program to sync reminders with gcal

    Try this program if u use a mac i am not sure if it has a windows version i did not check. i am in the same boat i use ical and gcal and i just switched to a droid i have like 5o tasks and groups. i just found this the other day so i have not used it long let me know how it goes.
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    Actually, there is no problem with syncing reminders with iCal, even on Snow Leopard.
    I wrote an article about that:

    Once Reminders tasks are synced with iCal, you can use any from the tonns of iCal-syncable applications, to sync with Google Tasks and others.
    Also, you can export them from iCal to VCard file which can be imported by almost all serious tasks applications.
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    I use two apps.

    Awesome note for all my lists.
    2Do for all my ToDo's

    I haven't yet found anything that gives me better quality than these two apps, and certainly not one program that does it all. YMMV of course :)
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    Nice write up. Thanks!

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