Best Upgrades To Speed Up Mac Pro (Early 2008) For Video Production

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Photosytes, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Nov 5, 2018
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    Hi, I've just started doing more video production and my system is slowing down. Was looking for some advice on what types of specific upgrades to do to speed up my system. Here are my specs:

    Memory 10 GB
    Storage Boot drive - 256 GB SSD HD, 3 internal SATA drives (total capacity 7.5 GB), 2 external Firewire 800 HD (one for Videos and one for Time Machine), 2 SuperDrives

    I just purchased this 3.0 USB card from

    I'm looking at additional RAM, faster Hard drives or setups, like USB 3.0 external drives, an internal drive for scratch disk, RAID setups, etc....

    What would you upgrade to speed up this system?
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    Aside from maybe needing some more RAM, the system looks pretty decently outfitted to me. Can you elaborate on what type of video work you’re doing, including software, format and resolution of content, and where you’re experiencing the slowdowns? Your 10-yo system will have limitations, but should be able to handle a lot of scenarios reasonably well, given your present config (esp if we can help you figure out any specific upgrades to boost it).
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    Nov 5, 2018
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    I'm running FCP X to produce HD quality videos for YouTube. Videos include primarily .mov file types from Canon 5D MkII and Canon HFG10. I add generated titles and sound files. Seems to have issues with playback, especially near the end of the video. Most videos are only 3-15 minutes at this point but may become larger over time.

    I figured adding 32gb more of RAM might be beneficial ( I have 4 empty slots) and the other idea was to add an internal or external SSD to run the FCPX Library and cache from (I could also run it off a 1 TB external 3.0 USB drive that I had since I'm getting a 3.0 USB card soon).
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    Nice system, this is for sure one of the faster 3.1 out there.

    You could have chosen the Sonnet USB-C 3.1 card for even faster transfer.

    There are some internal SSD options out there that are based on PCIe cards. Options are:

    - Amfelteck 4 x SSD RAID

    - Anglebird SSD solutions

    - AHCI SSD Solutions such as the HyperXPrdator 941 or the Samsung 951 AHCI with Anglebird PX1

    and of course the hybrid cooling solution for your hot sweating GPU, (if you can find the space if you decide to do the CPU mod below..)

    together with:

    happy modding :)

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