Best way to hotspot your iPad from your phone all the time (android)

Discussion in 'iPad' started by SimplyiOS, Mar 25, 2018.

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    I recently purchased my iPad Pro 10.5 and it is a fantastic device. I was toying with the idea of purchasing a cellular data model, but decided against it as I have mobile hotspot on my Galaxy S8. Seeing how much I am using my iPad now, I would like to carry it with me more often and would like for my phone and iPad to automatically be synced together so the iPad has internet connectivity where ever I go.

    Anyone have any insight or best practices (method, conserving battery life, etc..) for hotspotting an Android phone to an iPad? Ideally I would like to keep my hotspot on my phone 24/7 so my iPad can connect whenever I am within range.

    Thanks in advance.
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    My first iPad had cellular which I paid extra to have. I found that I used it very little and after awhile not at all. The simple reason was that everwhere I went it seemed WiFi was available. I know nothing about Android phones but it's very easy to turn on a hot spot on an iPhone. Leaving it on at all times is going to waste the battery very quickly. I'm thinking your Galaxy S8 is likewise going to suck up the battery fairly fast by leaving the hot spot on at all times.

    I also own a 10.5" iPad Pro WiFi only and so far have never had to turn on the hot spot of my iPhone for the iPad. I do live in a large metro area (Dallas - Fort Worth) where WiFi is readily available most everywhere.
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    I use my iPhone as a hotspot for my iPad Pro constantly when I'm traveling but I wouldn't recommend leaving the hotspot on 24/7. That's just a waste of battery, plus I don't like the idea of having an unused network that's just asking for evil folks to try to hack into. I just turn it on when I need it and my iPad automatically connects to it assuming it's not already connected to some other wireless network. I'd imagine it would be really easy to turn the hotspot on and off with an Android. I'd even think there's a way to make it easily accessible from the home page, or some other really accessible place, with all the customization and whatnot you can do with an Android phone.

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