Best way to increase and restore size of a Boot Camp partition?

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    My present boot camp (50 Gb) is becoming too small (1.6 Gb left) so I would to increase the size of my boot camp

    This is what I have Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)

    I am running Windows7 in my Boot Camp

    I have several question in this regard

    Is there anywhere I could get instructions how to do this?

    Will I need to reinstall Parallels Desktop 7

    What would be the biggest size of Boot Camp that I could have if my HD has 472 Gb free

    I am planning to do a restore from my External HD to reinstall the files in my present Boot Camp

    Any recommendation will be appreciated
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    I would download "WinClone" from TwoCanoes and use it to save an image of your Windows environment to a file on your OS X drive. Then use the BootCamp Assistant in OS X to remove your BootCamp partition safely. Then repeat that to create a new BootCamp partition of the desired size, format that partition as FAT and use WinClone to restore your Windows environment to the new larger partition and expand it to full size. You don't have to "reinstall" anything. Everything is done in OS X for maximum safety.

    You can then use WinClone to save periodic images of your Windows environment as backup.

    I don't use Parallels, but I have no trouble with VMware Fusion relinking to the new installation.

    You can use as much of your free disk space as you want, but leave some working space for OS X.

    NOTE: Do NOT use any Windows Utilities or Applications to attempt to resize your Windows partition ... that could destroy your OS X installation.

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