Resolved Best way to organize TV episodes in iTunes with different artwork for each episode?

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    Hey guys.

    I just ripped the first season of The King of Queens and since there is no good iTunes artwork for that show I decided to use different artworks/screenshot for each episode.

    First I tried to search for a good scene in the episode, pause and than Set Poster Frame. I don't really know what this function is good for, it doesn't add that frame as a cover to the movie file, but when I just have that one episode in iTunes, I see that image as the artwork from that episode. The problem is when I add the next episode of the same season iTunes just uses the artwork from the first one for all other episodes.

    I tried to manually add the images I wanted to every episode as a cover but that doesn't work either. It seems like as long as the episodes are linked into one season iTunes will always use the first poster frame/artwork it finds and than group all the episode with that image. The result on my Apple TV is the same as in iTunes...

    Any ideas?
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    That's how it works.
    No way around it that I know of unless you unlink the seasons and make every episode its own season.
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    I've seen that but I didn't like it. Thanks anyway.

    I don't know if I found a bug or something but I figured out how to get it done:

    Apple TV must be turned on and I had to navigate to the TV Show section. Than I had to put the episodes in reverse order into iTunes. So I dragged the last episode of the season into my iTunes window and waited till it showed up on my Apple TV. After that the next episode and so on untill the first episode. Now I can see the poster frame of every episode when I browse them on my Apple TV but in iTunes they are still wrapped up with the first frame poster of the first season.
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    This used to be a standard option (some episodes of Futurama had specific artwork for their broadcasts) but I think a recent iTunes update stopped this happening...Another "improvement" from Apple.

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