Best way to update files in a backup location?

Discussion in 'macOS Mojave (10.14)' started by I Need a Drink, Dec 18, 2018.

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    I am keeping copies of my documents on another drive, separate from my Time Machine backup. However, every few days I want to update the backup drive with changes made to my documents. I don't need a full backup software package as I just want to keep my documents folder updated on the second drive. Does macOS update changes to the newest version when copying files or is there a way to sync my documents to a second location to keep the current without having to purchase something like Carbon Copy Cloner?
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    rsync is perfect for this, and it is included with the OS install. It takes some configuration to get it running though.
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    There are GUI front ends for rsync which can make setting up a tad easier.
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    As Time machine makes just a copy of your files, why not using time machine on both external drives.
    It will simply alternate between the two without the need for further intervention.
    BTW, this is what I do, as well as having a copy of all my important data on OneDrive.

    Alternatively, there are data synchronisation apps out there that will keep two (or more) folders (or entire drives) synchronised.
    I have been using (and I still do) an open-source package called FreeFileSync and it works just fine and it is updated regularly.

    Finally, MacOS has a built in utility called rsync that can do the job if you are willing to tinker with command line and Automator.

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