Best Web design software for people who want to impress a company

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by moonman239, Feb 28, 2015.

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    I can do HTML, but I'd like to learn to use a WYSIWYG editor to help me make the best impression possible on my resume. Keep in mind that I have limited resources (haven't been paid yet). However, I do have Microsoft Office for Mac. If I'm going to download anything, I'd rather it be something that specializes in Web design, as any other features would probably be redundant Ex: I have MS Word, so having another word processor would be redundant.
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    If you're set on WYSIWYG, I'd suggest an Adobe Creative Cloud trial and a trial. You should be able to get 10 days on Lynda and 30 on Adobe CC for free, plenty to learn if you're disciplined.

    I'm not a WYSIWYG kinda guy though so your mileage may vary. Good luck.
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    If you can impress a company by using "web design software" then you really don't want to work for that company because they are clueless.

    Instead, spend your money and the next year or four studying every online or and book resource that you can get your hands on related to: HTML5, CSS3, mobile-first/responsive design, JavaScript for progressive enhancement. While you are at it, learn LESS, SASS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Twig, Bower, and the other dozen pervasive frameworks and technologies that have become a near necessity to at least understand at a minimal level as a productive web developer.

    If you had wanted to use a WYSIYG to drag-and-drop your way to websites a decade ago you could have made a buck or two. However, those days are long gone now. If you really want to put something you can learn quickly on your resume then by all means learn markdown and HTML5 markup and put on your resume that you have experience as a "web content creator".

    The days of buying Dreamweaver or other WYSIWYG software and calling yourself even a web "designer" are gone. You would be competing with the millions of 10 year olds that can already edit their WordPress or other CMSs using HTML and also think that they are experienced web designers.

    Sorry to be so negative in this post but I can never understand how someone thinks that they can buy a piece of software and drag-and-drop their way to a career in web development in a few minutes. I guess the same people would have no problem going to Mexico for plastic surgery from a surgeon that learned it from watching YouTube videos.
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    This, sorry the software doesn't create good design. It is the person.
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    Here is a site for tutorials on HTML5/CSS3. It is called
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    Exactly this, well put.

    This is a good enough place to start: Just click the start button and you are in.
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    Are we talking about Web Design software or Web Development software? They're completely different things.

    For Web Design I would recommend Adobe Photoshop (maybe Illustrator)
    For Web Development I would recommend Adobe DreamWeaver.

    Web Design is exactly what it sounds like, designing the website design. It doesn't usually have much to do with coding but a basic understanding of HTML and CSS will make you a better web designer because you will know that web designs are possible and which are not.

    Web Development is more about HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. This usually has barely anything to do with design but more about building.

    It could be compared to an Architect and a Builder.
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    There are some handy tools, for sure. It's always good to know basic coding, but sometimes it's just easier to have an App that does it for you.

    I've used a ton of them. For the desktop, people like Macaw, Blocs, Sparkle... There are a ton. It's trial and error as for which suits you the best.

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