BestSkinsEver MATTE Macbook Air skin (Unprofessional Amateur In-depth Review)

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    *Photos at the end and second thread!*

    Just recently bought a Macbook Air to replace my aging and huge Asus. Seeing as it costs so much and love the look of the Macbook I chose BestSkinsEver for one defining factor. MATTE SKINS. Which are way better than the glossy sticky skins most everyone sells or uses, especially with the MacBooks aluminum body, ill explain why in my short unprofessional review.. lol

    The skins came in a large white stiff envelope and inside a clear sealed bag. Included in that package was the top skin and back skin on two sheets the front is a solid skin with no cut outs and the back is solid piece with cutouts for the rubber feet and the screws (a nice touch if you need to get the macbook repaired). The last sheet included came with the palm rest skin, track pad skin, side skins, back corner skins, and the back end skin (the black strip on the back of the Macbook Air) all cut on the same sheet.

    Feel of the Skin
    The main draw from me to them besides past experience was the matte skins! I was hoping for something different and not as glossy as what I have used in the past and when I got it I was very pleasantly satisfied. The feel is similar to the feel of the aluminum body albeit smoother and not as cool to the touch obviously, actually it is a lot more similar to the texture of glass trackpad just not as smooth now that I felt it. So just imagine a surface texture somewhere in-between the aluminum body of the MBA and the glass trackpad which is a far difference from the glossy skins BSE and many other companies offer.

    Installation was fairly easy I did it after a shower in the bathroom and it took me about 45-mins to an hour or so. (I rushed which you should not do if you want a great fit! and I didn’t have to much experience with laptop skins either) As for the installation process you need to remove each piece to spray the back with the solution of water and a tiny amount of mild liquid soap for easy gliding and adhesion but first spray your fingers!

    I started with the top piece, which was pretty easy since its one solid piece so all you have to do is align it as best you can then squeegee out the exes water and catch it with a cotton towel to not let the water get into other places.
    The next piece was the back, it was a bit harder cause of the holes and my worry of getting water into the crevices but thanks to the cut outs it was fairly easy to align and ended up fitting pretty well after squeegeeing out the water and bubbles I could.
    I followed with the palm guard skin which was also a bit difficult due to the thin strips above and below the track pad (take care not to stretch it when applying) but with just laying down the wet skin as best you can then sliding it around you're able to get a easier fit with less risk to stretching it.
    Finally I did all the side pieces which were pretty easy to be honest even though they were small. You just wet each piece and place and slide into place and thats that no squeegeeing was really needed and they all sit great! I didn’t use the trackpad skin cause I like the feel of it even though the feel is similar I prefer my track pad naked.
    After all is said and done they say to wait 72hours with the device off to have any water dry that may have got in the device and to let the skin set and clear up because there will be some left over streaking and bubbles more than likely. I waited about a couple hours cause I couldn’t wait! lol but my macbook is working fine plus I didn’t use to much solution so I think I’ll be ok (If you’re overly cautious you probably want to wait the time they recommend) Im close to 48 hours into the setting process when I took the pictures and have a bit of streaking and few small air bubbles Im sure they’ll clear up soon.

    The fit was great and pretty darn precise, all the skins when lined up with the respective cut outs if they had any sit very well with the MBA. I didn’t experience any mis cuts or severely misaligned cuts. I think the only way the skins could be misaligned is if you had to remove and replace it a few times or stretch it out on accident to cause some deformities or just didn’t take the time to align it as best you could (I had some of these issues do to not being patient but they didn’t hinder the skin to much).
    The cuts all seem very well made as well they do have some “jagged” small edges on some cuts primarily on rounded cuts like the feet holes or screw holes, but they are not horrible nor overly detract from the appearance.

    Final thoughts
    Im very happy with my choice and purchase, the matte is almost unnoticeable unless you’re looking for it and feels great smooth yet not too slick and thats EXACTLY what I was going for because I hate the glossy look non matte skins gave the aluminum body. It has a great feel in hand and retains a good grip and i now don’t worry about putting my computer in bags or putting it on a table and it sliding around on accident becausethe skin is there to do its job! The only job this skin couldn’t do is protect it from a fall, but I don’t drop my devices so I’m not to worried about that.
    So if you’re in the market for a good quality skin or want to protect your device and don’t want to detract to much from the look and feel of the naked macbook I highly suggest the matte skin You won’t be disappointed just take your time on the installation and try to do it in a steamy room to prevent dust from getting under the skin. If you have any questions let me know I’ll try my best to answer you when I can!

    For those interested in the Macbook skins you can check them out here
    They have different pricing for individual sections or full body kits and also have skins for tons of phones. (I used them on my Nexus 5 too)

    *Please excuse any grammar or overall writing mistakes Im in no way a professional or good writer… lol I just wanted to give my 2 cents on this skin as organized as I could to not drive people crazy

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    *2nd set of pics (It wouldn't let me post them all in my original post)*

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    Thank you for a very thorough review! Good job with the installation too.

    I have this exact matte skin waiting to be installed on my MBA. I will only be installing the top part (screen) as I use the Moshi iGlaze hardshell case for the bottom.
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    No problem just hope its useful to some people! and thank you

    Thats an interesting combo. The top install should be easy good luck when you get around to it but you shouldn't need much! lol
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    No problem!

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