Beta 1 issue with album art missing or being duplicated fixed in Beta 2 of Catalina


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Nov 1, 2007
These are all mashups that were downloaded from YouTube and the audio ripped out, Those album arts are from the screencaps of the youtube videos when they were ripped thats all .
Did not fix my missing artwork. even tried reimporting my library.


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May 28, 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
Did not fix my missing artwork. even tried reimporting my library.
Even after reimporting? Damn. That's not what I wanted to hear. Thats funny considering the album art is now correct in Beta 2 in the Music app but I can't get that to sync over to my iPhone properly.


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Mar 18, 2019
Bohemia, New York
I am having the same problem. It seems that the albums that I asked iTunes to get album artwork for are the albums that are missing the artwork. The "Get Album Artwork" button is grayed out. The only option I have is to search for the album artwork online and copy and paste it into the album artwork section and then from my library I have to drag the album to my desktop and then delete the album in my library and then drag it back in and the artwork is there. Such a pain.


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Jun 16, 2015
Having very similar issues. Artwork not showing in album view for mods of albums but I know it’s there embedded in the file!