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Apr 21, 2012
There was a bit of controversy about beta 11 as to whether it was the GM.

The installer dropped the name "beta" which seemed to suggest that it is a GM - but apple's seed note still called it "beta 11". So this apparent contradiction led to some saying it is a GM and others saying it was not.

However one thing which distinguishes a GM from previous pre-release betas is its ability to update to a point release. The first GM is the first version which is capable of doing this - even if the build number is lower than that of the public release.

So the ultimate test is to see if beta 11 can update directly to the first 10.14.1 beta. If it can then we can declare definitively that beta 11 IS a GM.

And indeed it did.

So I declare therefore that beta 11 is the GM.

I have 2 macs which had beta 11, only 1 of which I updated to the public release - so that I can put beta 11 to the GM test on the other.

So here is proof:

Before (beta 11 - actually the GM):


After (10.14.1 beta 1):

10.14.1 beta 1.png
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