Beta 4 Photos vastly improved but still room for improvement

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by utwarreng, Aug 2, 2016.

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    I was one of those people who had spent hours going through almost every single of my "Faces" in the original iOS 10 Developer Beta 1, only to be bummed when Beta 4 wiped my Faces data completely. Having said that, it is a beta, and lord knows it very well could be wiped clean again. These are my experiences with the changes so far:

    1) Vastly improved on the matching of Faces from one person to the next. However, I still have well over 50 single photos of me that are not matched up yet, and I have already gone through and confirmed all of the additional photos of me that it suggested. This is also the case for photos of my fiance, my parents, and my sister. Most of the pictures are very clear as to who it is, no sunglasses, shades, awkward angles, etc. After I merged three more groups of photos of me with the original group, it prompted me to confirm additional photos which may be me, but there was only one of them. Still a long way to go in improving this algorithm.

    2) Beta 1 when confirming additional photos of others it would just show a zoomed version of the person's face, surrounded by black. You couldn't see the context of the photo and it was a little difficult to determine which face it was suggesting sometimes. As of Beta 4 it shows you a zoomed in area of the image (somewhat pixelated). The face it is referencing is highlighted and the rest of the photo has a slightly shadowed mask, but you can still see all of it for referencing. This is a very good change.

    3) Speed. My photos only took one night on the charger to index this time. Last time it took three days of overnight charging, and some time during the day while my phone was plugged in and at the lockscreen.

    4) It would be nice to be able to add Faces for people who you don't have in your contacts. Or prompt me to add a new contact for that person if one doesn't already exist.

    5) I'd like to be able to scroll through the regular Photos gallery and add people when I'm looking at a photo rather than have to go into the People section to do that.

    6) If it doesn't detect a face, you can't manually add one.

    7) When I click the "Add" button to put more faces in there, let me go through the photos of people on there and tell it to forget that face. This would be awesome for not having to sort through all of the accidental photo bombers from the past.
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    iCloud Photo Library seem to be broken in this beta. No syncing at all. Working fine on my 9.3.3 devices.

    Turning it off for now so it stops trying and failing to sync in the background.

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