Beware of very customer unfriendly policy for Project Planning Pro

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by akwarner, Jan 30, 2017.

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    Feb 26, 2006
    Just a heads up to anyone considering this product from i2e Consulting LLC. This company has one of the most customer unfriendly policies I have encountered and I figure I should alert potential users before they waste their money like I did. I purchased a license to this software in a bundle and installed it on my then production laptop. Over the holidays I purchased a potential replacement laptop. I did a full backup and restore to the potential replacement to check it out. I had to move certain licenses or install a second license of various software. I decided not to keep that unit and got another one. Same thing with moving licenses around. I got a better deal on a third laptop in early January so same thing; full backup, full restore. I do not really use this software but decided to try it out and the license would not activate. I contacted the company and they reset the license. Great I thought. Then later in January I received one of the new 2016 MacBook Pro units and again moved my production backup to it. Same issue with this software. I again contacted them and they informed me that they did me a favor last time to ALLOW me to move the license I paid for from one unit to another. I repeated my request and it was escalated withing the company and the end result was:

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to reset the activation. We did it once as an exception but, it cannot be done again as it is against the policy.

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    Needless to say I am quite annoyed at this very customer unfriendly policy so I figured I should let various potential customers know. I have over 150 apps installed on my production machine and none of them are pirated. I pay for the software I use. The vast majority of them allow multiple installs on any units I personally own. If they don't, they provide a way to move a license to another unit by deactivating it first on the old unit and then re-activating it on the new. All great policies and easily accomplished by caring and considerate software companies.
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    Feb 26, 2006
    Just an update. The company has reached out to me to resolve the issue. I appreciate them doing so and I can now use the software.

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