BEWARE! restrictions when order ships in last week of quarter

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    Did you know this:
    That's a little upsetting... This came from the Apple Developers Connection terms for purchasing hardware through that program, I don't know if this is in the terms for every purchase or not, do you?
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    Apple is still on the hook for delivering the money or undamaged equipment in most states -- if their 3rd party fails to perform.

    Doubtful that any retailer would get away with not making you whole for a loss in a timely manner, no matter what the shipping terms say.

    The state's legal arms would usually frown on it.
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    :confused: :confused:

    What does Apple's fiscal quarters have to do with how situations involving our macs getting damaged or missing getting handled?
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    aside from being cheaper, the insurance is a known amount of money which will be included in their financial statements (which must be prepared/done at the end of the quarter). If they agreed to replace anything for your computer that was broke during shipment, they don't know that cost and cannot accurately account for it in their financial statements.

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