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    OK ... beyond the rumor sites, eh? That puts it beyond hardware and software ...

    Apple's applying its design expertise to ... clothing: iWear!

    The digital hub is all well and good but, by itself, it's in a fixed locale and Apple's customers move around ... they need to take the Apple experience with them. Carrying around a Powerbook, PDA, iPad, or whatever is too clunky. Apple is taking the revolutionary step of moving the focus of the user experience to ... the user her/him-self ... to create a "personal" area network (PAN) that is physically distributed over the human body. This takes advantage of long growing trends of mobility and ubiquity and, with Apple's flair, should be a big hit.

    The most visible piece will be stylish, multi-function glasses. Powered by body heat and ambient light, they will extend the human visual and auditory senses by: 1) replacing display screens with two megapixel LCD stereoscopic lenses that produce DVD-qualtiy images with no flicker or other side effects; 2) Harmon-Kardon speakers built into the earpieces; 3) eye-tracking sensors that key off the wearer's gaze; 4) dual digital video cameras (who wants to carry around a video camera) with 10x optical zoom; 5) earpiece microphones (that can acoustically "zoom" ... perhaps in software?). The glasses will also have a short range (1 meter) 800 Mbps Firewire-over-radio transceiver - i'MonFire - that will link the glasses to a stylish belt (for men or women). as with current Firewire technology, i'MonFire will transmit power as well as data. Interpersonal i'MonFire peer networks can created ad hoc if people get close enough to link (of course, if you're getting that close, you might be able to think of "other" things to be doing ... though there is a certain attraction to rendering a video or something while, uh, getting busy ... and the power supply would benefit from any increased temperatures).

    This belt will have a lightweight polymer storage battery (connected to the shoes...below), an OS X-based G4/G5 dual CPUs (one for input, one for output) and 4 Firewire-over-radio interfaces PLUS one physical connector (for use on airplanes, etc). It will also contain the external link which, thanks to Apple's networking technology, identifies ALL possbile local wireless connections (net, phone, fax, etc.) It will be covered in a translucent covering that the CPUs can project visual designs outward to change style ... black, brown, gold, patterned, etc.

    Apple has contracted with clothing manufacturers to produce several garments. Hanes and Aladdin Systems have teamed up to produce iStuffit! bras and jockey shorts that serve as separate compression/expansion and encryptiondecryption engines for the entire PAN, connected via i'MonFire to the entire PAN. Like the belt, various designs and colors can be projected onto these garments by the wearer. Can you see Michael Jordan touting iHanes?

    The Gap has contracted for the outerwear for men, women, and kids. On the racks, they appear to be plain translucent shirts/blouses and pants/skirts all those reports of LCD display manufacturers wre close, but didn't note that these displays would be soft, comfortable, and wearable. Integrated with these garments will be antennae suitable for 802.11, and later, connectivity to the Internet. Like the belts and iHanes, various designs and colors can be projected onto them in full 4b-bit color. In addition, thanks to advances in Apple's Aqua interface, you can project full-motion, DVD-quality video ... imagine walking down the street wearing an ocean view or a family video. Of course, there will be those who'll wear Pamela Anderson videos, but that's the price of free expresison and technological advance. Apple will create another revenue stream by creating design and style channels (iTools on steroids ... but hopefully not as problematic as Apple's mail services have recently been) for people to subscribe to their favorite fashions and trends. Why wear baggy pants for a gangsta' look when you can simply project the image? Apple stores will fill up those wide empty spaces with mannequins displaying the latest trends for those passersby not yet clued into Apple greatness.

    Several shoe manufacturers have teamed with the Energizer bunny to put batteries in shoes that will automatically extract energy from users walking, running, jogging, etc. and store it locally in lightweight batteries (as in the belt). Why flash lights when you can power your PAN?

    Rings and bracelets complete the ensemble by providing keyboard, mouse, and tablet -like input interfaces for those things that need it.

    As you go through your day, your ensemble will continually video/audio record the world around you from your perspective, compress & encrypt it in your underwear and stream it back to the OS X server cluster that is the digital hub in your home. Think of the boon to resolving legal disputes (a "Fair Witness" ala Heinlein). And, with the growth in "reality TV", your clothing might generate some income for you, not only as a next generation webcam, but in observing news events ... of course, Apple will get it's cut from the buyer through a digital watermark embedded by the OS. John Ashcroft will be happy with the increased, multi-focal surveillance capability afforded by this system and privacy advocates wll take notice that this is not a "centralized" system, so the potential for massive abuse is slight (unless Steve Jobs starts to think he's Bll Gates). You'll be able to look at the world, almost literally though someone else's eyes. You'll be able to virtually gather with your family for dinner, no matter where any is located. Represenative democracy will morph into participatory democracy. The gap between rich and poor will continue to widen, but with you on he rich side ... who cares about the poor and starving when you can walk down the street playing Oni?

    OK, Apple ... the ball's in your court. Are you plans *still* beyond the rumor sites?

    Steve Abrams
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