Bill Maher: Stop ‘Busting Balls’ Over Old Movies and TV Shows Because They’re Not Woke Enough

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Rogifan, Apr 14, 2018.

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    I’m sure he’ll get a lot of criticism for saying it, but it’s a good point that he makes.
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    I anticipate "Song of the South" to be re-released shortly.

    I'm sure Disney has their top men working on it. Top. Men.
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    What’s your point?
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    I agree with Maher. If you throw out everything that is imperfect, what are you left with? I remember just about every novel that we read in high school and college that was labeled as a "classic" had at least one or two things about it that are considered offensive today. Such things would always make for lively discussion, and they paint a more vivid and accurate image of what society was like in the time and place of the story's setting. Sometimes we are actually surprised at just how "woke" the old stuff can be, and other times we cringe at how something that we recognize as offensive today did not strike people as such at the time it was produced. Then again, quite often with those classics, the author intended to create some controversy by making people confront and consider the problems that were largely ignored. As Molly Ringwald points out regarding John Hughes, we all have our blind spots. In any given story the author may be focused on one or two injustices only to ignore another.

    Molly Ringwald herself points out the disconnect between the things John Hughes got right, and what he got wrong. I was born two years after Molly, and her movies were definitely favorites of mine in the 80's. I liked her because she was so much cooler and more interesting than most of her acting peers. I loved how funny and heartfelt John Hughes' scripts were, and I also appreciated his movies because they featured music I was into more than other films of the day. Even back then I cringed at some of the stereotypes (Long Duk Dong?), but I'm sure I still laughed. Hughes movies often had a lot of sophomoric humor... especially the early ones like Sixteen Candles. The tone matured a bit over the years, as if Hughes was tracking his target audience as they aged along with Molly, but Hughes always championed the students who were typically made fun of or beaten up. Breakfast Club may have had its flaws, but the point of the film was to show that people are much more than their stereotypes. It's too bad that all the students were white, but it's a good thing that today that fact really jumps out. A more diverse remake of the Breakfast Club would be an interesting project for a filmmaker who can recognize the brilliance, and the heart, of the original even though it has flaws.

    I also agree with Maher's take that we keep evolving and getting better, and future generations will find plenty of flaws about our current society. It's not hard to find offense with almost any modern movie or TV show if you analyze it closely enough. Some things just aren't meant to be examined too closely, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't point out flaws to improve upon. Art, literature, music, movies, and television... even when flawed... often increase empathy by showing us characters, worlds, and points of view that are different from our own. While the Breakfast Club and the Simpsons have had their flaws, I think both contribute more positive lessons than negative ones.
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    I can't stand Bill Maher for the most part, but I agree with him on this one. Though there is kind of an exception for me and that movie is "Revenge of the Nerds". I used to work in a movie theater when it was first release and thought it was one of the better comedies. A couple of years ago I look tried to watch it again, but thought to myself what a terrible movie it truly was. The movie degrades women, says it's OK to place hidden cameras and the last scene where the nerd sleeps with the cheerleader by wearing a disguise would be construed as rape today. Of course they played the scene like it was funny and she was a total ditz. Though I still like "The Breakfast Club", but I can see where Molly Ringwald cringes at that scene. Which brings me back to "Revenge of the Nerds", while I can't overlook the scenes - I'm not saying other people can't and still consider it a funny movie. I also have to look back and say to myself that I once liked the movie. Then there is "Risky Business" for I still consider that a funny movie even though I know there are flaws in it that would be heavily criticized. It's just "Revenge of the Nerds" just rubs me the wrong way.
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    The fact that Bill Maher routinely pisses people off on both sides of the political spectrum is one of the reasons I like him :D

    And I believe he is spot-on. I feel like "cultural context" is something that a lot of people choose to ignore or outright deny.
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    Erasing history is a bad idea. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
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    Well, that’s what cable tv is for.
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    Ah the good old days :D ......

    The more meat you ate, the healthier you were suppose to be.
    Before 99.9% of the population knew Gluten and Trans-fat was a word.
    Al Bundy telling fat girls about themselves was worth turning your TV on.
    Kids left the house in the morning and didn't come back until dinner or the street light came on.
    Every single handheld device (ie:walkmans) took AA or AAA batteries.
    Block Parties didn't require permits.
    You knew everybody's phone number by heart, and only had to dial area codes for long distance.
    Gas was dirt cheap, even for those times.
    Most music artists of every genre were actually talented.
    NBA and NFL was exciting beyond belief. Even the theme music was legendary.
    Paper maps got us around unfamiliar places.
    Collecting cards ...Sports, Garbage Pail Kids, and Marvel.
    Prizes inside every cereal box.
    Lugging around 50 pounds of school books in your backpack.

    I can go on and on .....
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    The problem is that these days more and more people think they have a right not to be offended. They don't.
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    Exactly, the real world is not, never has been and (hopefully) never will be a giant safe space with support puppies and stress balloons. If you’re offended then YOU are the problem.
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    So why did so many Trump fans get upset when Hilary called some trump supporters deplorables?

    People do get upset by stuff, but you also have to put things into their cultural context.
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    It's crazy how much I can agree with this guy sometimes and then how strongly I can disagree with him another time. But that's the great thing about people who can think and speak from both sides of the aisle, for lack of better phrasing. What a great monologue. He is so right on this one.
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    My opinion on the deplorable thing was that it wasn't about being offended.

    “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” Clinton said. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

    Taking a huge number of people and blatantly mischaracterizing them like that is beyond simply being offensive. It's wrong and, as she found out, politically stupid. Yes, there are people like that. I won't deny that. The world is an ugly place. In my opinion her mistake was saying it was half of his supporters. She probably would have gotten away with it if she just said "some." But anyway, not really the point of this thread. Go Bill Maher!
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    So in other words you were offended by a criminal grandma...

    You should invest in an emotional support animal
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    Well, you know what they say, takes one to know one. Hillary is as deplorable as they come with her sordid track record of corruption and criminal behavior. Something about glass houses and stones :cool:
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    You should invest in a reading comprehension class.
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    Awe c'mon.....Revenge of the Nerds is a classic. Its a movie. Are we THAT "sensitive" now that we cant watch a classic 80's film thats both funny and very accurate without getting all "hurt"? Its a great movie with a positive message if you actually watched it. It defends nerds and those that are different which should fall right into the wheel-house of the snowflakes and "easily offended". Think about it: The nerds are made up of dorky computer guys, unattractive women, a gay black man(double word score there!), a sexual weirdo, a chinese guy, and all of the other "checkboxes" that you need.

    And, the best part? The nerds end up sticking it to the all white male football players which should also satisfy the softies since they hate white men. So whats the problem?
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    I love Bill Maher and he’s spot on. We are constantly evolving, and mostly moving forward except for events like Trump. That’s called falling down. :oops:

    If we eradicated all of our media entertainment history because by today’s standards it’s politically incorrect, we have very little old movies which are cultural icons to observe. They can be watched, perspective gained, and the good can be recognized and compartmentalized from the bad, but with an acknowledgement that those standards are no longer applicable.
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    + Back is jacked up from lugging around 50 pounds of school books in Jansport backpack lol.
    ++ Sad because Blazing Saddles could not be made today.
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    We don't see any John Wayne movies being shown anymore. Back in the day, a guy like John Wayne was considered a rugged man, a man's man. By today's standards the guy is a POS jerk that makes today's "bad boys" look like choir boys. One thing about the characters he plays though, he would never shoot anyone in the back. (Take that, Clint Eastwood;)).
    I love John Wayne movies, except for The Conqueror.
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    Basically people just need to lighten the **** up a little. To judge culture from 20-30yrs ago through the lens of today is asinine. Then again when an old flick comes on I watch it and laugh just the same as I did when I saw it as a kid. The only sitcom I can think of that would never fly today is All in the Family.
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    People aren't saying that there is anything wrong with the parts that you mentioned or that the entire film is trash (much like Molly Ringwald didn't say that 16 candles or breakfast club was all bad), its just that certain scenes don't play well anymore. Like, the nerds putting cameras in the sorority house and then watch the girls get nude (with a minor in the room, no less) or when one of nerds dresses up like one of the girl's boyfriend and tricks her into having sex with him. I'm sure you can see how those scenes could be considered problematic today.

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