Bill Moyers - What is wrong with our media

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by SMM, Nov 8, 2007.

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    This is the short version, and for those who find it sufficiently compelling, I recommend watching the Bill Moyers Journal.

    Bill is doing some of the best investigative reporting, and commentary in the country. His media insights are unique. I highly recommend his program. I do not get to see it live, but watch it from his website.

    This story is about the demise of the small local media outlets, and the rise of corporate media. The loser has been the American public. Without an aggressive, honest fourth-estate, we are at the mercy of those who would deceive us. The past 8 years have shown how well that has worked out. There is a wide range of opinions on the board. We should have the ability to form our own opinions, but the facts should always be the same, and the information readily available.
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    They're real good at transferring wealth from the middle class to the upper class.
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    I asked that question awhile ago. The one about what has the administration done right (apparently nothing), not the one about the media. I think the fact that no one in our "liberal" main stream media has bothered asking that same question about what has gone right pretty much answers the other question.

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