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Jun 1, 2022
I love seeing bird pics in Photo of the Day thread, and the contest thread in January was great too. It made me wonder if we could have a general (or loosely time- or season-related) thread for birders, where folks can post their recent bird pics, preferably including the name of the bird so people like myself can learn more about bird types. Location or other details are welcome if you feel so inclined. And I called this “birds of summer” just to include the next few months. … If there‘s interest after a while, perhaps a better name can be devised to not privilege those of us in the northern hemisphere… 🤗 happy birding everyone! Example photo attached: American Oystercatcher, Long Island, NY, USA
PS: Not a ”rule” but as a suggestion, in the spirit of maximizing contributions from many people and places, let’s consider the rules or guidelines from other photo threads such as, one photo per person, one per day, and your own photos, preferably, vs. those you got from others.


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Sep 5, 2005
Bath, United Kingdom
Good idea for a thread!

Birds are not my usual subject, but when something cute happens to come my way I try to make the best of it. 🙂

Snapped this drama queen sea gull in Bath. In the middle of all the tourists mulling about trying to get selfies with the Pulteney bridge, this gull stole the show. 😁


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Feb 20, 2012
Denver, Colorado, USA
In case anyone gets a notification....DOGGONE IT! :cool::p

EDIT: But it's OK - I confused this with the weekly contest. Heart reinstated. Very, very long week and it's only hump day.

Clix Pix

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How did I miss this earlier??!! I like this idea and definitely will be happy from time to toss in bird shots, as I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot them frequently. Yes, I think this thread should be recent/current photos only, just one per day, and shot by the member posting the image. Those seem like reasonable expectations and policies.

One I shot a few days ago: Canada Goose and Crested Cormorant swimming in our lake and studiously ignoring each other in passing:

Ignoring Each Other.jpeg
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Jun 1, 2022
Taken at Nankin Lake in Wayne County, MI of goslings. I normally don't like taking photos of geese, but the babies are cute. It's unfortunate they grow up to be ugly in my opinion. I call them sideways bowling pins with wings. 🤣
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So cute! and yeah it’s true, geese are “okay” looking but nothing spectacular. these little ones though! great pic ❤️
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