Black Friday 2018: Best Deals on the Apple Watch and Accessories

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    Apple just updated the Apple Watch in September, and there are few deals on current Series 4 models because the devices are brand new. A couple of carriers are offering discounts tied to carrier activation, but beyond that, there aren't price cuts to be had on the new Apple Watch.

    Many retailers are discounting the older Apple Watch Series 3, though, so if you don't mind missing out on the new bells and whistles like a slimmer chassis and a wider display, you can get a great deal on a previous-generation Apple Watch.


    Apple Watch Series 4

    Sprint is discounting the Apple Watch Series 4 by $100 when customers add a line onto a qualifying service plan. The discount is delivered in the form of a $4.17 credit over the course of 24 months.

    T-Mobile is offering a buy one, get one offer on Apple Watch Series 4, where you can buy one Series 4 at full price and get a second one for $200 off when you add a DIGITS line. The discount will be delivered via 24 monthly bill credits when both watches are bought on a monthly payment plan with a DIGITS line.

    Apple Watch Series 3

    Target is offering an $80 discount on both the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS only models and the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE models.

    That drops the starting price of the GPS models to $199.99, and the starting price of the LTE models to $299.99. Starting prices refer to the 38mm aluminum Apple Watch, with prices going up for other casing materials and the larger 42mm size.

    Macy's is also offering the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE and Wi-Fi only models with an $80 discount, and this one is a bit cheaper than Target's offer. Macy's has the 38mm GPS only model priced at $199.00 and the price of the 38mm LTE model is $299.00. 42mm versions are $30 more expensive.

    At Apple, you can get a $50 Apple Store gift card with any purchase of the Apple Watch Series 3. The deals are available via, by phone at 1-800-APPLE, and at Apple Stores in the United States. Gift card values vary in other participating countries.

    Apple Watch Accessories

    [*]Southern Straps Apple Watch Bands - Buy two Apple Watch bands, get a free nylon band
    [*]Third-party Milanese Loop - $9.99 from Groupon
    [*]Casetify Apple Watch Bands - 15% off orders over $35, 25% off orders over $75, 30% off orders over $100 with promo code BF18P
    [*]HiRise Duet for iPhone and Apple Watch - $60, down from $120
    [*]Twelve South Forte Apple Watch Stand - $30, down from $60

    We've got Black Friday deals on Apple's entire product lineup along with a long list of sites that are offering additional discounts on accessories, so for a full list of everything that you can get at a discount today, make sure to check out our full Black Friday roundup. Have you found a better deal on the Apple Watch? Make sure to share it in the comments and feel free to email us at

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    For anyone in the UK, John Lewis is selling the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS model for £219 and £249, which is £60 off.

    Still can't find a good reason to get one for myself though...
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    I can't believe there are no deals on the S4 without a cellular commitment.

    Not even a $25 (or $50) off! Or even a gift card...
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    This has been the best Black Friday for me since the first. All the deals have been woeful and my wallet has stayed firmly in my pocket.

    Marvellous. :cool:
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    They can’t make enough of them at full price. Simple.

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