"Black men have legitimate reason to run from police, Supreme Court rules"

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    May 3, 2009

    Based on these statistics (click to read), does this mean black men have legitimate reasons to run from other black men, white men have twice the legitimate reasons to run from police, etc?

    How come no mention of women in the article, doesn't that make it all sexist?

    Both articles have far more.

    When the second article discusses people who were shot, those shot had their races revealed. How many of the police were white, black, whatever? How come far fewer ask "Has anyone profiled the police along with the people being shot?" or "Why are the people being shot?" and "Hmmm, the guy who got shot's friend told him 'Don't do it!' before getting shot, isn't that being taken into consideration?"
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    Jan 31, 2015
    As the second article alludes to, figuring the shooting statistics is far more complicated than simple police shooting and death statistics. You have to take into consider local crime rates, density of policing, how many shootings were justified vs unjustified, local rules of engagement, local population statistics, I think some degree who is doing the shooting (age, rank, experience, time patrolling the neighborhood, etc). I believe far more complex issue than race.

    For all we know our officers need more education on assessing situations. Or maybe it's the opposite, cops with more training are more likely to overassess and pull the trigger. Or maybe police with less on the job training are more likely to overreact.

    And the same goes for historic trends, finding relatable data, looking at populations, police density, crime crate, coming up with a death rate than number (as population sizes vary),etc.

    Until someone actually looks at the numbers from all angles I don't think anyone can quantify the magnitude of the problem. And this is not a problem easily resolved without understanding the details.

    People can claim racism and stereotyping, in some cases it's probably true, but then you have cases where black officers shoot black suspects. Maybe it's their own educational or experiential stereotyping, maybe it's a lack of training or experience, maybe they don't know the culture of their population, who knows.

    I think a logical and methodical approach is the best way to address this problem. In addition to reforming police union police investigation laws and taking steps to promote unbiased legal precedings.

    People don't seem to only be upset about police shooting suspects, but also the legal system that follows up with such cases.
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    Dec 21, 2011
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    I think there is enough video evidence, and high profile cases involving shootings and harassment in circulation to suggest there is a problem with policing in America.

    At this stage we can't afford to bury our heads in the sand. A free nation can't have state sanctioned kill squads on the payroll that are willing to act with impunity and without accountability.

    Unaddressed, we are looking at the foundation for a massive civil conflict that will result in hundreds or thousands dead.

    We are very close to a Crispus Attucks moment.
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    Jesus xmas...

    So really what these articles are saying is that black people have more freedom then white people do.. in term of police

    How is that fair ? Would a police let a black guy go free just because and instead go after a white guy?

    Or maybie it's the fact black guys will punch the crap out of the police officer more, so we'll rather let them go.
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    If you are unarmed when the crap hits the fan I wish you the best of luck .
    Old Mexican saying " el que nada debe nada teme"
    "He who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear". Doesn't always fit due to the stupidity promoted here , why run? Just makes you look guilty imho. If running is worth it to you have at it. Agree with Aaron. You need something other than " he ran" as probable cause

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