Blackjack Teaching Tool - Learn Pro Blackjack™ - Now Available For iPhone, iPad

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    Oct 9, 2012
    Hello MacRumors community,

    We are excited to announce that our blackjack teaching app, has launched for the iPhone and iPad and will soon be optimized for iPhone 5. The new app, called Learn Pro Blackjack, trains users to properly utilize basic blackjack strategy to improve their odds of winning. It is commonly cited that people playing blackjack using perfect basic strategy can reduce the house edge to around -.5% which is significantly better than the average player. Over time, the value of knowing and using basic strategy can add up fast.

    The app has three main areas of focus: 1) it teaches players the rules of gameplay and how to play using strategy, 2) it tests players on what they have learned, and 3) it gives players quick tips that immediately help them improve their game and enjoy it more.

    We look forward to your feedback about our app!


    The Learn Pro Blackjack Team

    App Store Link

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    Sounds interesting....not sure if I want to risk $5 on a new, non-reviewed app though

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