Blade 2 gives FCP some comp on the Win side.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Feb 15, 2003.

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    Finally, there is a editing solution that can do HD, SD, and film 2K at the same time without conversion, in real-time on a PC or notebook, and without having to buy some $10K PCI add-on card. You would need either a dual 933 or 1.8 GHZ+ system to get real-time performance.

    It's called Blade 2 by in-sync. AVID and BOXX has a HD solution, but they cost $150K-$300K. Blade 2 costs only $499 and you can get for it free with the new Panasonic DVX-100P for just $3499 until Feb 28th. I got my email this morning from in-sync.

    There is an audio plugin called Multi-Channel which allows you to do 5.1 surround mixes all in the same program. You can't do that in FCP.

    Pete :)
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    Re: Blade 2 gives FCP some comp on the Win side.

    As long as you already have a $10k PCI card to capture the uncompressed media to a desktop machine and then xfer it over a network to the blade 2 system you're right. :) And yer not gonna be doing any uncompressed work on a laptop either. All major NLEs offer RT software performace (of different degrees) and it's only DV RT. Anything higher than that needs additional hardware to achieve RT.

    This programs major claim to fame seems to be native 24p editing (hence the bundle w/the 24p camera).

    I did a quick google and I was only able to find press releases or the occasional mention on a BB. Couldn't find any reviews or anything that didn't come from in-sync. Maybe it's too new?

    For the same price point and platform I'd go w/Vegas Video (if for no other reason than it's a pretty proven NLE and has managed to grow a sizable cult following).

    Just my 2 cents ;)

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    Re: Re: Blade 2 gives FCP some comp on the Win side.

    Yeah I'm not too impressed. Vegas is formidable competition, its audio capabilities are outstanding. FCP is stronger with video and workflow.

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