Blair Equates Atheists to Religious Extremists


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Jun 29, 2002
Republic of Ukistan
Tony Blair, addressing a "Prayer Morning" in Washington - whatever that is - came up with this glorious passage:

Today, religion is under attack from without and from within. From within, it is corroded by extremists who use their faith as a means of excluding the other. I am what I am in opposition to you. If you do not believe as I believe, you are a lesser human being.

From without, religious faith is assailed by an increasingly aggressive secularism, which derides faith as contrary to reason and defines faith by conflict. Thus do the extreme believers and the aggressive non-believers come together in unholy alliance.​
Astonishing. A man who wages illegal war and yet proclaims his "Christian" faith to all and sundry. A man who believes his "god" is the only god, yet wishes to ally himself against unbelievers with those who worship false gods. A man who asserts that we should love our neighbours, yet fails to notice that atheists can be neighbours, too. A man who claims that good acts can only receive validity through his god, without which they are of no value.

Full text of his speech here:

Read it and weep.


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Feb 3, 2008
Its a Shame that our Constitution doesnt allow for foreigners to become President. I think Blair would make an excellent president, and could clean up the mess BO is making....