Blair was warned against war by security chiefs!

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    Feb 6, 2003
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    It has turned out that, just four weeks before the war, Blair was advised by UK security chiefs that al-Qaeda was a much greater threat to western security than Iraq, and to overthrow Saddam would make it more likely that terrorists would get the WMD they would need to launch attacks.

    But rather than share this advice with other MPs or the British people, Blair chose personally to ignore it and continue with the war sloganeering (and eventually the war), and is now saying that he is sure that in the fullness of time his decision will be proved right! Sounds very similar to a few months ago when people were asking where the WMD were, and were told they would turn up eventually!

    So, it's now clear that Blair was prepared to trumpet from the rooftops the parts of intelligence that suggested Saddam was a threat, but anything that countered or contradicted that view was completely buried! And this is the "intelligence" that was shared with MPs and the public to get support for war! Shameful!

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    Jul 18, 2002
    if we're going to ignore our respective countries' intelligence agencies, can we stop funding them and use the money to buy everyone milk and cookies until we get blown up?

    'cuz i'd like to be full of chocolate when it happens.

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