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    "In March 1993, producer Dave Isay put a microphone into the hands of two young people living in Chicago's notorious Ida B. Wells public housing projects and asked them to record an audio portrait of their lives. The result was Ghetto Life 101, and it sparked the interest of an aspiring poet and writer living in the projects: Yanier "Blak" Moore.

    Blak's life has been marked by an almost inconceivable degree of violence and death -- gang-banging and drug-dealing, the murders of his parents and countless close friends -- but through it all he has been able to transcend personal tragedy with the power of words.

    On the tenth anniversary of Ghetto Life 101, Sound Portraits is proud to return to the Ida B. Wells and present a new story of hope."'s_story/

    You can download and listen to the recording on the top right-hand side of the page. It is also worth checking out Ghetto Life 101 at the bottom.
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