Blizzard Games{Warcraft III}Patch Issue updating from to latest (iMac G5)

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    Sep 11, 2009

    System: OS X Tiger 10.4.11

    Model: 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5

    Memory: 512 MB DDR SDRAM

    [Task action]​

    Downloading Update...

    Downloads update successfully. Warcraft III is restarted.

    Blizzard Updater​

    File map and File paths:

    Macintosh HD > Warcraft III Folder > Warcraft Movies/AI Scripts/ Cache/Blizzard Video Support/BN Update/BN Update (duplicate exists: pending further information)/bnupdate.log/Campaigns/CustomKeyInfo.txt/CustomKeysSample.txt/Errors/icons-WAR3.bni/License.txt/Maps/Miles/Miles Carbon Library/Movies/Patch.txt/ReadMe/Replay/Save/Screenshots/The Frozen Throne/W3XP_XMAC_121A_121B_enUS.mpq/War3.mpq/War3Patch.mpq/War3x.mpq/War3xLocal.mpq/Warcraft III/Warcraft III World Editor

    Patch text history appears inaccurate to version:

    If any snapshots are needed, then they will be supplied upon inquiry.
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    Jul 3, 2008
    Are you running from an administrator account?

    You may also like to try the recently uploaded standalone patch as well. You can find it here
    (may take a few tries to get it as the server is fairly busy). Please note this version was uploaded today as an earlier release did not work.

    When you have the patch extracted, put it inside your Warcraft directory and run it from there.

    If that fails, you may be best to reinstall (backup your maps/saves as needed), and patch straight away with the standalone patch.
  3. zaq1xsw2cde3vfr thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 11, 2009
    Response to questions posed


    Currently downloading.


    Edit: same error. Will proceed upon response with reinstall.


    Can I save Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos / The Frozen Throne Campaign progress too, with a reinstall?

    -Off-topic Retraction-

    I am aware you can change the background image of the Start Menu. Can you give me further information about how to do this?

    -Reasons for retraction-

    I have become bitter towards the seeing of the same background image every time I start the application, for both the original release and the expansion. A change would be appreciated.
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    Jul 3, 2008
    Provided you backup the Warcraft III/save folder and place it back into the directory when done, yes you can. You can also just rename your existing install (or install to a different directory), preserving it incase anything is missed.

    I can yes, but it's a heck of a lot of stuffing around. If you really want to, I can provide the details. There are no simple tools to do this like there are on Windows, so it must all be done manually.
    While it doesn't involve editing game files, I do not however want to be held responsible if you end up being banned from for using it.

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    Sep 11, 2009
    Appreciate your further response


    For the moment, the space is available to simply install the file again. When done, any duplicates of data left will be removed.

    Apologies for the apparition of shot-sightedness. A nod was needed from another party: confirming that a campaign and a profile can be transplanted from the application, onto another installed copy of the application. It was thought it could prove to be alien to the particular copy it would be moved to.

    Are you completely positive?

    Appreciations would be made upon the details being provided.

    A "heck of a lot of stuffing around" can be handled.


    Does it violate the EULA or any other license or documentation you agree to, when you connect to A user changing the background image is relatively harmless, when it comes to considering security.

    If by doing so it does violate some regulation made by the providers, then it must be either countermanded with an insubordinate act to either protect from such a response, or simply find an alternative server to connect to.

    In the function of protecting a user against detection (and thus protection from a response), have you any recommendations?

    I am aware of private servers that people use, such as the Blue (originating from the Philippines, in the Far East) server, Bored Aussies (Australia), as well as various others. Can you provide information about these, if necessary?
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    Jul 3, 2008
    Yes it will work. There is a blizzard support page about it, however I can't find where it is with their new layout. The only saves that may have issues are mulitplayer saves and replays (campaign saves will work).
    As far as I can tell no, however it would be on the border line of section 4A(ii) and (v). There is also the EULA in the back of the Warcraft manual which states similar things.

    I wholeheartedly agree, but that's not the point. I cannot tell how Warden works, however the process to change the background can be adapted to change any other game file in the same manner. It really depends how far blizzard goes with checking for this.

    These are PvPGN servers. Starcraft and Diablo will work on these servers unmodded, however Warcraft has an extra check in place to ensure the server it connects to is legit. There are bypasses available for Windows users called 'loaders', however a loader has never been made for the Mac. Because of this, it is impossible for Mac Warcraft users to join such servers.

    I'm currently preparing the steps to change the background within Mac OS X.
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    Jul 3, 2008
    The process is identical to the one described in this thread, however all PC components need to be translated to the Mac equivalents:

    Step 1) Editing the registry:
    Well, Macs don't have a registry however they do have Preference files. To edit the Preference file for Warcraft you will need a Resource editor such as ResKnife. The best version to use is 0.63 b3 and I've attached it to my post because it's annoying to find/extract (

    Next, in the Finder, from the Go menu, choose Go to folder. Type in ~/Library/Preferences and click Go. Find in the list "com.blizzard.WarcraftIII" and open it in ResKnife (you may need to do it twice as the program is a little buggy or drag it to the Dock icon). You should see what I have in the attached resknife1.png.

    At this point, click create and create a new resource with the name:
    "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III\Allow Local Files" (copy/paste this without quotes)
    Add in a resource type of "HKEY" (again without quotes). It should look like resknife2.png. You can click create once this has been entered.

    At the bottom of the resource list, should be the one just created. It has an ID of 128. Double click it to edit it.

    In the Hex entry, type in "00 00 00 04 00 00 00 01" like resknife3.png, close and keep the changes to the resource.

    You can now choose Save from the file menu to save the preference.

    (on a side note, editing resources was much easier in Mac OS 9 with ResEdit. OS X is phasing their use out however a few older programs still have them for backwards compatibility)

    Step 2) Extracting the backgrounds
    There is just way too much involved in this part getting it to work on Mac OS X. You need an MPQ extractor - which is simple enough to find (I had most success with "Diablo II MPQ Tool (MacOS X)"). Due to the way MPQ files work, the programs must have a list of files contained in the archive before attempting to extract them. I did not find an MPQ program that had these already available or a program that allowed the listfiles to be added easily.

    Instead of going through everything I did, I've uploaded the modified Diablo II MPQ Tool that I used. This version has had the revised Warcraft lists added into it using ResKnife. You can find it here (too big for an attachment to this post unfortunately)

    Once the MPQ extractor is running, you need to find the background .mdx files you wish to use. They are typically located under ui/glues/singleplayer/race/*.mdx. The files are not listed in order (however are in some sort of groups) so it may take a while to find exactly what you're after. The Arthas one I posted earlier is located at UI\Glues\SinglePlayer\Undead3D_Exp\Undead3D_Exp.mdx in the war3x.mpq (it's an expansion campaign background - open war3.mpq for RoC backgrounds). Select the one you want and extract it (File->Extract and choose a location to put it for the time being).

    Step 3) Adding it to Warcraft
    Find your Warcraft folder and create a path like this
    Warcraft III/UI/Glues/MainMenu/MainMenu3D_Exp (for the TFT background) or
    Warcraft III/UI/Glues/MainMenu/MainMenu3D (for the RoC background)

    If you are changing the TFT background rename your extracted .mdx file to MainMenu3D_Exp.mdx and put it in the MainMenu3D_Exp. RoC backgrounds go into the MainMenu3D folder and are called MainMenu3D.mdx. Use addtowar3.png as a reference.

    Once this is done, it should be changed.

    There are a few other items that can be changed on the background main menu such as fog and lighting, except I cannot remember which file it was in. If you want to research it, just extract the appropriate file, edit it, and add to to the Warcraft folder with the same structure.

    There is also a RoC beta main menu background of a castle that is pretty impressive. I've attached it to this post as well (the fog is not quite right for it though and needs to be edited with the file I mentioned earlier).

    hmm. Limit of 5 attachments some will be in the next post.

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