Blocking Ads in Safari [policy]

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by arn, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. arn macrumors god


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    Apr 9, 2001
    Sorry for the deletion of the "Block Safari Ads" post

    The posts deleted were two methods to remove all ads from Safari.

    To the poster, I was the one who rejected the link from MacBytes, and I was even toying around with banning the topic altogether on the forums. The reason behind it is simple...

    I understand that these tools exist and people use them... but as the owner this site and forums, I certainly feel no need to facilitate their use and popularity... since their primary end-result is that it costs me more money out of my pocket to run this site.

    A bit of history... MacRumors was losing money significantly towards the end of 2002. As a result, we started using more advertising, and even had to shift service providers (which was a major ordeal). Advertising pays for the existence of this site.

    As for all the many arguments i've heard about ad blockers... I don't really accept them, and I don't think that debate should be gotten into here.

    Anyhow... I guess my decision is that I won't allow their discussion here.

  2. dukemeiser macrumors 6502a


    Dec 17, 2002
    Fair enough, but I saw no restrictions to my post in the rules. I think the target for ad blocking is people that don't want to see ads, such as me. You can put all the ads you want on MacRumors, but it just makes the experience more annoying. I never click on ads, so I found it better not to see them at all.

    I understand that you need ads to pay for the site. Maybe this is why I never found the software before.

    Question: Does the ad revenue come from clicking on the link, or just for having the ad?
  3. edesignuk Moderator emeritus


    Mar 25, 2002
    London, England
    I never click on add banners either, anywhere. But I wouldn't say that the ones here @ MR are annoying in the slightest, in fact I hardly even notice them.

    I *think* that add banners do only pay if clicked.
  4. e-coli macrumors 68000


    Jul 27, 2002
    The ad banners for Adobe PDF are the only ones I've ever seen that impressed me. They were actually quite nice, IMHO.

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