bloody hell!! my iPod hates m4p files!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by janey, Jun 25, 2004.

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    I've searched these forums, google, the Apple discussion forums...i cant find a solution, although i have found several who have the same exact problem. yeah. so here's my problem.

    simply stated: my iPod HATES my m4p files.
    Its a 3G 20gb iPod, about half a year old. latest software updates and all. i use it with my PowerBook, iTunes 4.6. authorized computer.
    there are two songs I want to listen to on my iPod, just because they're not that bad (the free Rachael Yamagata song from a few weeks ago, and another by Stereophonics...).
    Right, so I drag my purchased music playlist to my iPod. All goes well...until i eject the iPod, connect it to speakers, and select Letter Read...and it wont play. Freezes. Hold down menu and play/pause for a little while...try to play it again. This time it cycles through the entire playlist, and it won't play a single bloody song. Switch to some NIN, which works (m4a).
    Thinking something was up, i started listening to one of my playlists, which has a couple of m4ps. It went fine, playing some Death Cab here and some Modest Mouse there until it hit the first m4p song, which it just skipped over. BLAH!!!!!
    I've tried using the iPod software updater to restore it to factory conditions, I've authorized/deauthorized the computer...i just dont know what to do now...

    any help would be VERY appreciated.
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    A few things I could think of from the top of my head:

    1. Have you updated Quicktime to 6.5.1?

    2. Have you played the aforementioned songs on iTunes before? I have heard that you have to play the song on iTunes for over 10 seconds to authorize it.

    3. Try loading the songs again using a different firewire cable. It might be a faulty firewire cable that's causing problems.

    Your issue seems pretty odd. It might even be your iPod...

    Good luck.


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