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    From apples iPod page:

    "With its 2000-song capacity, 10-hr battery, 6.5-oz weight and skip protection, iPod significantly improves the quality of the digital lifestyle.
    Holds the contents of 200 CDs
    Small though it is, iPod has your choice of a hefty 5GB or 10GB hard disk drive. The number of songs it holds depends on the compression rate you choose for your songs. At a 160Kbps compression rate (the default setting for encoding MP3s in iTunes), 10GB equals approximately 2,000 songs, or about 200 CDs. At lower-quality 128 Kbps — the most common compression rate used for MP3s — 5GB is equivalent to approximately 2,600 songs,or about 260 CDs. Who knows, you might also find yourself storing documents, files and applications on your iPod in FireWire disk mode"

    eh? makes it sound like 5 gigs is bigger than 10

    see for yourself: (then click on the battery icon)
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    Jan 7, 2002
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    No, that makes perfect sense; the 10 gig will hold 2,000 songs at the higher bitrate, and the 5 gig will hold 2,600 and the lower bitrate. If you were using the lower bitrate, the 10 gig would presumably hold 5,200 songs.
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    ...more and more incentives to pay attention in math class*
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    No, that's a typo.

    Think about it: 2,000 songs at 160kbps to 2,600 songs at 128kbps = 1:1.3, or 30%. That's proportional to the amount of extra compression between 160 and 128.

    If it was 2,000 songs at 160kbps on a 10gig iPod, and then 2,600 songs at 128kbps on a 5gig ipod, those songs would have to be about half as long.

    Another way to look at it, if the 5gig iPod holds 1,000 songs at 160, it will hold about 1,300 at 128. Therefore, it would hold about 2,600 at 64kbps.

    P.S. I sent website feedback to them about it.

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