Blu-Ray Burner in 2010 Mac Pro Advice - "A bag of hurt"?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by 3282868, Dec 19, 2010.

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    First, thanks for taking the time in reading my post, I know there are TONS on MacRumors and lots on this topic.

    I sold my '08 8-Core Pro with an LG Blu-Ray burner and now have a '10 6-Core system w/ 4 SATA HDDs, 1 SSD connected via the sixth logic board SATA port, and the BTO Optical Superdrive. I bought an LG Blu-Ray burner (BH10) I have yet to install. I use it for burning large amounts of data in addition to "Time Machine". My last LG Blu-Ray burner worked 100% in burning discs in Finder (no Roxio Toast needed).

    My question:
    I know OS X does not support Blu-Ray movie playback. I do know that Apple LED LCD's are HDCP compliant (I had a 23" Apple CCFL LCD paired w/ a new Apple 24" LED LCD, and high-def iTunes content would NOT play on the 23" LCD, even if a little bit of the movie window shifted to that display).

    Given all this, what is needed for a Blu-Ray movie to play in OS X? I assume the hardware is present as I can watch Blu-Ray movies on my Windows 7 drive. What is OS X missing and is it something simple to implement? I want to avoid ripping my Blu-Ray media w/ third party applications (I have "Mac BlurayRipper Pro", "Moyea Blu-Ray Ripper" and "MakeMKV") as it's a PITA and quality degradation may occur (I'm still learning the ins-and-outs of fine tuning the process to achieve the best quality with the smallest footprint).

    If it's something as simple as software coding in the OS itself, I'm surprised there isn't a hack or something to get full implementation. I'm not a programmer (the last time I attempted programming was with Java back in college in the mid-90's, I'm a visual learner, it didn't take lol), so forgive my ignorance.

    Thanks again for any enlightenment! Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season! :)
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    Ha I've seen your posts before and I forgot where til now (your avatar stuck with me). You've posted on this topic in other threads I've read. Thanks for the link as I couldn't find that thread which is what I was really attempting to locate. :)

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