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Originally posted by obeygiant
Suppose Apple introduces bluetooth keyboards and mice with every new mac at MWSF in 03. Does that mean I'll have to feed batteries to the keyboard and mouse?
Well they will have recharging stations that you put them in at night but yes eventually you will have to replace the batteries. Kind of suck doesn't it.

Apple was going to do this over year ago but didn't because the need to recharge defeated the purpose of cordless in there minds. They wanted to do it for asthetics I think now maybe they understand the purpose.

It's for the big fast lazy bastard that can't role out of bed. So they give him a blue tooth mouse. Hopefully cheetos resistant. So that he can click the porn link from bed.


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Originally posted by orthodoc
Why would bluetooth keyboards and mice be better than the current wireless mice and keyboards? :confused:
Maybe you could have one keyboard and mouse for all your computers and walk around your house and have it jump from computer to computer. Now that's convenience having to walk around with your keyboard and mouse.:)
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