Bluetooth Logictech diNovo or desktopMX mouse/keyborad

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by magneto465, Jan 31, 2004.

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    Jul 18, 2002
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    Jun 23, 2003
    I have the mx900 mouse (the mouse used in both of those sets) and the 15" 1.25 ghz powerbook.

    However, I opted for the apple bluetooth keyboard.

    The mouse works great, (responnse time, etc), and I haven't run into any battery problems (even when I forgot to put it on the charger overnight). I only have two complaints about the mouse:

    1) an off button would be nice as if I throw it in my bag, go to class, and open my laptop to use it for something not requiering the mouse (like taking notes) , as the mouse is automatucally detected, and it disables the trackpad

    2) There is a little led on it that blinks when it in charging, it can be annoying.

    Also, let it be known that for the charger to charge, you have to use the included ac adaptor, but the bluetooth hub is powered with the usb cable. This was a benefit for me as I didn't want to have to plug anything into my laptop (that already has bluetooth).

    Another problem you may run into is the extra mouse buttons. The left bitton, right button, and the scrollwheel all work fine, the buttons directly in front and back of the scrollwheel work as if you are continuously scrolling in that direction (I use these a good deal). The remaining three buttons work with exposé, which is all I wanted them to do.

    If you have any questions about the mx900 mouse or the apple keyboard, just ask :)

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    Oct 31, 2003

    I bought one of these at the weekend. So here's my initial thoughts:

    The mouse works fine. Smooth, accurate, responsive, pairs quickly. The buttons work as mentioned in the mail above. I hope someone from Logitech will read this and realise they're onto a million dollar winner if they just write a quick OSX driver so we can use the dead buttons. Don't people want to be popular and successful these days?

    The base unit is now plugged into my Ex-Pee running CounterStrike support unit providing a Bluetooth hub for whatever is yet to come. Has been useful for some Palm stuff actually but Mac to PC goes over the real wireless. Was a real pain to install the drivers and software, took about ten reboots. Before I bought my PowerBook I wouldn't have even mentioned that as an issue. You think if Microsoft were in the TV business they'd have advanced from B&W to Sepia?

    The other entertaining thing is that when you set up the hub/charger and place Mr Mouse in for a charge it's like having a Christmas tree in the bedroom. Big blue light for Bluetooth and a flashing red one for the mouse. Most annoying. And then, for those with a 2.4GHz TV relay setup, if you forget to turn off the 10 minute Bluetooth Discover the thing dramatically shags up your viewing pleasure for about 15 seconds every, you guessed, ten minutes. Probably scares your laptop to death as well.

    But I'd highly recommend the mouse. The rechargable batteries are a bonus as well.



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