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    Sep 14, 2017
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    What is the idea/benefit of changing the function of the buttons for Bluetooth and Wifi in the Control Centre. Now they disconnect rather than switch off. To switch off you have to go into the Settings. I also noticed that when switched off there is a line through the each icon in the Control Centre and when disconnected there is not.
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    Jan 13, 2017
    While I myself don’t care for the change, my idea is this:

    Apple now has a very robust environment in terms of first-party, Bluetooth-connected devices. As the Watch, Air Pods, Beats X, and soon HomePod grow in popularity, many people are relying on Bluetooth even more than usual.

    Apple, trying to cater to buyers of its accessory devices, changed the behavior to make their lives easier. In their eyes turning off BT completely would be detrimental to the user experience, as many people live a connected life. Of course, it could be a hint that Bluetooth and WiFi radios don’t use nearly the amount of battery that they used to. There is also the argument that WiFi activation aides in location tracking, yadda yadda.

    I don’t own any BT devices, so for me the change is largely pointless. Sure, BT may not use much energy, but I have zero use for it presently; for that reason, I prefer to keep it off. No power consumption > little power consumption. Yes, even if that means a few percentage points.

    I think these might be the reasons why the changes were introduced.
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    Not sure I understand your question completely, but for me the only time I use bluetooth completely off is when I want to connect my iHome to my phone or computer and both devices are in range. My iHome isn't smart enough to accept a connection when two previously paired devices are in range. Not sure if I would fault Apple for this since it's more of an iHome issue. Besides then I don't have much need to actually turn the bluetooth setting completely off. My bluetooth setting is always on since it is usually paired with something. I really like that I can move in/out of my vehicle and have my music "follow" me without fussing with my device. I was on the fence about bluetooth for several years, but made the decision to try the PowerBeats 3's and actually take the 5 minutes to set up phone up with my vehicle and my "life" hasn't been the same ever since.

    Now WiFi... that NEVER goes off. If WIFI is available... i'm using it.
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    I haven't used iOS 11 yet so forgive any ignorance on the subject but, when "disconnecting" WiFi via Control Center does it prevent the device from connecting to any WiFi access point but still keep the radio in some passive scanning mode? If so this is similar to Android in the sense that the Wifi radio is still "aware" of surrounding WiFi networks but will not connect to them; the information would be used for location services. In iOS 10 and earlier if you turn off WiFi via CC then if you used some location-based app you would occasionally get those annoying popups about turning on WiFi for the benefit of location services. In my own experiences prior to iOS 11 I would routinely turn off WiFi especially while driving to avoid hopping on and off public access points (they are on every other street corner here). iOS 11 may be an improvement in my use case to avoid access point hopping while traveling but retain location services benefits of wifi scanning.

    As for Bluetooth, I have only one niche use case where that radio needs to be off entirely: when flying a DJI Spark drone. The iPhone's BT causes nasty radio interference with the drone's radio.
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    Oct 5, 2014
    Seems to me that this change is just another needless battery drain of an already under funded device. Battery life is horrendous on my 6 and I can’t see this helping.
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    Sep 29, 2009
    I don’t think they consume much power in idle.

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