BMW Unveils New iPod Adapter

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Link: BMW Unveils New iPod Adapter
    Description:: BMW was first with an automaker-developed iPod adapter for its cars, back in 2004, and it's now the first with a second-generation iPod adapter.
    Sorry if this is old news...

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    Current adapter does not work with new iPods

    I had the original adapter installed in my BMW when they first came out. I use an iPod Mini with it.

    I wanted to sell my Mini and get a Nano. Luckily I decided to hold onto the Mini because when I bought the iPod Nano and connected it to the adapter, I discovered that it doesn't work with it! Then, I read that the existing BMW adapter doesn't work with any of the newer iPods!

    So, it looks like if I want to be able to use any of my new iPods (Nano or Photo) in my car, I need to get a new cable installed.

    This is SO Apple! :mad:

    UPDATE: It's even worse... the new cables don't work on older BMWs, so it looks like I'll need to buy a new BMW if I want to listen to my new iPod in my car. What a joke! Why is it that Apple finds it so friggin' difficult to make anything backwards compatible?!!!
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    Yeah same here. It looks extremely cool I might add.

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